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25 November 2009

R there any tolerant Muslims

I don’t believe in god, I don’t see any reason to believe in god, im surrounded by people who believe, they listen to lectures they give me those stuff to listen & I do, yet I still don’t believe in it
If it is a school then im a retard who just don’t get it & u Muslims r the smart people

If I was superior & I knew it I would never bully a retard kid & would never make personal attacks at him/her -not unless they r dictating over me, even then I wouldn’t make personal attacks
But lately it seems that every muslim activist in this country is hell bent on picking on someone using lowest of low attacks
All the while claiming to be tolerant yet intolerant, peaceful but war, civilized but uncivilized & thinking yet unthinking

Guess I am a retard for thinking muslims wouldn’t sink that low

U know it almost like they themselves don’t believe in their god
If an unbeliever offend ur god its not ur job to show them gods wrath
An all powerful god could do that himself

I just read simons latest post & the comments below (aaisha)
How could anyone wish a loving parent to lose a kid
& how could she say it out loud
Please tell me this is not what it means to be a muslim


Anonymous said...

Your frustration shows in your words. And so does every free-thinker's (simon, yamyn, hilath..and so on). Frustration and outright hatred towards Muslims. Towards the way a muslim thinks, what he believes and his way of life. Put all the fanatics/extremists aside, you still hate those muslims. Because they believe in something that you feel you cant accept. Its you who have a hard time accepting the muslims. Not totally the other way round.

demm ahum said...

no i disagree if u take away the fanatic side of a muslim i would love islam
most of my friends r extremists but as long as they dont try to push their religion on me i really do like them, hell i love them

islam teaches great values like not drinking, being faithful, honest & not to be violent
but when extremism comes along it most of it goes to trash

muslim, jewish or christian i would never wish a person to loose his children

& u think that is hatred??
so be it

Yaamyn said...

"Its you who have a hard time accepting the muslims. Not totally the other way round"

Really, anonymous?

And it's the atheists / christians / gays who are threatening to kill/behead or otherwise evict Muslims - and not the other way around?

And its the atheists/christians/gays, etc. who write regular posts calling for 'death to believers!'?

And its atheists/chrisitians/gays,etc. who send death threats and post anonymous comments on the believers' blogs?

You're either highly clueless, or very very funny.

Hilath said...

hehe. Agree with you Yaamyn. Sometimes I wonder why you even bother reply to their psychotic comments at all. I have yet to hear a group or nation of atheists/secularists/humanists waging violent, physical war on believers of religions.

These people are delusional indeed. I wonder whether their history lessons come from.

Anonymous said...

Ah, there you go. However much delusional I may be, its not me jumping up and down here. The intolerable is well noticed here (for all viewers pleasure). I was only commenting to the post. Maybe it was my bad to point out some fellow freethinkers. My apologies, if I have hurt you, his majesty simon, highness yamyn and baroness hilath :D

demm ahum said...

hey i may disagree with u but i do tolerate u
if i didnt i would delete ur comments like most other muslim bloggers do

we r not the ones threatening

btw no one here is angry with u
i just think ur comments r idiotic & thats y i replied to ur comment explaining y i think that is

so instead of pointing out how i am mistaken u r just name calling

Anonymous said...

Bro, my reply wasnt really for you(I should've corrected that, my appologies). You seem tolerable and cool-headed. Not the others who've commented here.
My comment being idiotic, its subjective. I personally dont take the free-thinkers stand as idiotic. But incomplete. What you believe is just not what I believe. Doesnt have to make me or you stupid. Being a closed minded applies to both sides. And yes there are muslims who are open minded. Also, being a muslims means to adhere the teachings (quran, sunnah, ijma'h...). Its not my saying or Dr.Majeeds saying when I or he talks about an islamic ruling, its just how it is in the religion. Now taking islam as bogus, you need to check that in-depth before coming to that conclusion. There are strong reasons why we believe what we believe. You believe what you believe from what you've come to know. So do I.


demm ahum said...

"I personally dont take the free-thinkers stand as idiotic. But incomplete."
hehe i really do like this comment
because no one can really knows everything & anyone claiming that is a fool (no offence - its just my opinion)

but i agree with what both of them said here
especially since u haven't said its unislamic to wish people dead
its like waging war on anyone who is different than u
its one thing to feel sorry for the lost souls but its another to openly discriminate against them wishing their offspring to die off

& also u did say im hateful
r u taking that back?

Anonymous said...

There are extremist Muslims living among us. Muslims who, like you've mentioned, would want people who disagree with them dead. That doesn't go hand in hand with the Islamic teachings. I am not one of them. At the same time people who like to think themselves as free-thinkers,atheists...etc consider Islam or a Muslim or any Muslim for that matter as outdated, barbaric, unreasonable(anything unpleasant that comes to their mind)..etc which I feel coming from the very people, who likes to think as most open minded, shows that they are not tolerating others (muslims). And see what yamyn and hilath had replied. They start shouting as if the whole population is like of those extremists. And since they have a personal disliking of islam and/or any religion, they take others, including us, as mindless lowly idiots just because we don't agree with them. Isn't that the same mentality as of the extremist Muslims?
About taking back what i said, I wrote my first comment having all freethinkers in mind and not just you. Maybe you don't hate, but probably even you think us Muslims as crap. Where does that place you?

Anonymous said...

And me having said that you will jump up saying that freethinkers, atheits, gays dont go killing others or wishing it. Yes thats true. But I feel that those extremists and freethinkers have a thing in common. They both are unable to tolerate others.

Yaamyn said...

I wasn't planning on glorifying that banal comment anymore by responding to it.

But once again, anonymous, you're being a prime example of everything you're accusing me of.

You named names and alleged allegations.

You accuse me of generalizing ALL Muslims and hating them 'outright'.

In fact here's what you said.

"..and so does EVERY free-thinker's (simon, yamyn, hilath..and so on)."

" Frustration and outright hatred towards Muslims. Towards the way a muslim thinks, what he believes and his way of life"

Granted some militant atheists are vocally anti-religiouss. But to accuse EVERY 'freethinker' of your imagined grievances is rather weak.

You DO NOT know me, and you clearly do not know what I feel about Muslims either. I have no personal animosity with anyone - not even DJ Majeed.

There are lots of excellent Muslims whom I admire and whom I have generously quoted in my various posts.

Further you accuse 'freethinkers' of being intolerant. Freethinkers, by their very nature, love the freedom of thought.

All those death threats, and threatening comments on my blog or hilath's blog or simon's blog, guess who allows them to be published? Us.

I may not agree with you, but I do tolerate you. Beatrice Hall said

"I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it"

Anonymous said...

Thanks yamyn and author of this blog. Its been a pleasure.


demm ahum said...

yes extremist cant tolerate freethinkers so how can we tolerate extremists?
u see there is such a thing as a victim & the offender
& i got a reason to be a little pissed off
especially at they Maldivian political system (its not the governments duty to force religion on to everyone)

also everyones entitled to be a little offensive (not border lining hate crime)

& if u r against those kind of "islamic" threats u should speak out against them, cause they r the leading voice of islam now

nice talkin to u too :D

Simon said...


Thanks for the mention in your post. I wrote what I wrote knowing all too well that:

a. it is highly personal
b. it will attract all kinds of people

I am in no way insulted or feeling any kind of hurt or hatred for the comments. This is because I know that nothing could possibly be more painful (or hurt more) than the loss itself. Whatever else anyone says is just meaningless and hollow.

What that experience has taught me is far more profound than the loss. I have since become more sensitive to the plight of children around the world and have, as I have written, always extended whatever help I can for their betterment. From taking my car on rainy school days to drop off children of complete strangers to school to sponsoring their stationery and books. Once, I dropped off 3 kids of a pious man to Iskandar and he thanked Allah for sending me. It made me very happy.

People think that piety, generosity and kindness go hand in hand. I have living proof that it isn't necessarily so.

With regard to free-thinkers hating Muslims etc:

This is a huge misconception. When I criticize the ideologies behind religious beliefs I am not "hating" the people who practice it. Far from it. I make no reservations for any beliefs. If religion and beliefs are to be immune from criticism then so shall the belief of any hair-brained cult - even those that require the sacrifice of a child every full moon (for instance).

But, yes, as Yaamyn said, everyone is entitled to their beliefs - whatever they may be.