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27 July 2013

Welcome to the Hashtag era

Its been ages since the blogger community die down with the rise of microblogging & social networks, sites like mvblogs.org has become ancient, where did all the bloggers go where do the maldivian communities meet nowadays. did everyone get lost between #fuckadhaalath & #instapics.

did conversations reduce to a like button? with the new generation of checkins & shares are we to be slaves of the smartphone, is memes the pinnacle of this generation.

btw i am in no way saying im excluded in  this, its just sad to see the era of mvblogs pass.


Total of 2,339 blogs, flickr accounts were created in the time frame of April 2001 to May 2013


Oh yea ill be trying to continue the blog through this page, maybe use something like #MvLogs as a feeble attempt to revive the blogger community on fb or any other hashtag community 

17 August 2012

Fake Adhaalath twitter?

Some one created a fake Adhaalath twitter account to spread hate & (perhaps)false information to tarnish the (alleged) kind & loving image of Adhaalath!! how could they do such a thing. -_-
Though i wonder what the thought was hateful & false.

please... @adhaalath... stop..... no.....don't....please....no
Oh, you! i cant say mad at u ♥ 

13 August 2012

Q&A from @adhaalath

Here's some of the Q&A from @adhaalath on twitter

Prayer in space

Punishing the innocent
They didn't answer, maybe a dog ate my last tweets

Laadeenee evolution

Damn the dog that keeps eating my tweets!!

Unislamic constitution

And to End it all

The Dark Mother of Respecting Privacy

11 August 2012

Not a God worth worshipping

Written By: Antonina

I was asked in an Islamic group why I don’t think Allah was worth worshiping (as usual got kicked out for my honest opinion) and thought I would elaborate on the reasons. Just to sum up, I use to be a devout practicing Salafi Muslim and as I transitioned out I became a Quranist. When I realized reform didn’t work and studied evolution and psychology I became an atheist of sorts (I do support the concept of Deism though).
One of my friends sent me this quote as I was feeling a little sad about my beliefs being false. The truth can hurt big time, but it is liberating. This is what my friend sent me:

“Live a good life. If there are gods and they are just, then they will not care how devout you have been, but will welcome you based on the virtues you have lived by. If there are gods, but unjust, then you should not want to worship them. If there are no gods, then you will be gone, but will have lived a noble life that will live on in the memories of your loved”

And thus started my clinical psychological assessment of Allah.

1. Allah was an excuse for my sadistic retribution:
I realized that when someone had hurt me, I would always turn to the Qur’an to read about the terrible punishments Allah would inflict upon disbelievers, hypocrites and people who wronged others. When I thought about it, it really was a terrible reason for me to turn to God. In my time of need of course I asked him to lift my burdens, but I was also consoled with the fact that while I would be enjoying my time in heaven, others would be burning in hell and suffering. When I look back I feel quite disgusted with myself. What is worse is that the Qur’an actually promotes this idea by saying that the believers from heaven will look down into hell and gloat over the disbeliever’s misfortunes!. What sort of God encourages things like that? What sort of human being was I to be comforted in the eternal suffering of others? Indeed there are people who do the most inhumane and atrocious things to others, but how can one be punished infinitely for a finite amount of sin? The point is now as a humanist I cannot be consoled or condone the suffering of others. I cannot imagine torturing others for an infinite amount of time or torturing another human being at all. Therefore Allah to me is not a God worth worshiping because he condones human sadism.

2. Allah is a sadist himself and a petty God
Honestly, what sort of God creates humans and decides to send a good majority of them to hell? What sort of God would take pleasure in such things? You cannot be all loving and merciful and sadistic at the same time! I mean Allah throws people in hell for stupid and ridiculous things like having consensual sex, being in another religion (irrespective of how good you are), doing shirk (will touch on that) and as something as silly as pissing standing up (for a man). Of course Allah punishes murderers and tyrants too according to the Qur’an, but he is not a God of justice when he punishes people for such meaningless things. Muhammad once said something (I cannot verify if this is true) that Allah loves us more than a mother loves her child. Quite evidently I found that to be a load of bullshit. No good mother could throw her child into a pit of torturous fire no matter how evil her child was. Good mothers love their children unconditionally. I am just marveled at the sheer audacity for Muhammad to claim such a thing. I would entrust my soul to a loving mother than Allah any day.

3. Allah is an egotistical narcissist
This goes back to Marcus’s quote I mentioned above. An all loving, merciful God would not care about how much he was praised and worshiped. An all merciful, loving God would care about what us as individuals do for others and how we try to make the world a better place. Yes, Allah does encourage these things in the Quran, but he does not give them priority. He doesn’t even encourage his believers to do it for the good of mankind with the satisfaction of helping others. You will find many verses saying believers only give things like charity because they ‘fear the last day,’ ‘fear Allah’ etc. Should not charity and doing good for others be for the sole reason of wanting to help another human being? Feeling satisfaction that you made their lives better and there is one less person suffering in the world? Not because you’re scared of going to hell? To me it seems like Allah’s believers are doing some serious butt kissing. However the point here is that not only does Allah not stress the importance on doing good things for others for the sake of humanity (only for reward points), Allah says he only created humans to worship him. “We did not create the jinn and men except to worship us” [Surah adh-Dhariyyat, verse 56]
So some high and mighty powerful deity created us with just that purpose? To be praised? To be told how great he is all the time? That is egotistical and narcissistic. You will find many verses of the Qur’an where Allah puts praises for him above all else…above doing good for others. As if speaking empty words will make a difference in the world. Being an all powerful deity I can sympathize of course. If I had such great power myself and created a universe, perhaps I’d create beings to tell me how great I am too. However it defeats the purpose of an all compassionate God though. I prefer Cersei Lannister’s view of the Gods. In Season Two of Game of Thrones, she says “The Gods have no mercy. That is why they are Gods.” I think anyone who claims to love this self-centered, narcissistic and egotistical piece of shit of a God is a deluded liar.

4. Allah inspires followers out of fear
I am not sure if it is a real quote, but in Season one of the Tudors (yes I love my TV shows), King Henry asks Thomas More a very important question about how he should rule England.
“Is it better for a ruler to be feared or loved?” This question can be interpreted in two different ways. Is it referring to what is better for the ruler or the people? As a humanist I went with love. Do you know why? It ensures safety of the ruler. Love will bring you true loyalty and security. And with such love a ruler will be more inclined to help his/her people and vice-versa. Fear on the other hand does not buy you true love or true loyalty. People only follow you because they fear what you could do to them. They do not care about you as an individual (or deity), but only follow to escape punishment. If the ruler (or deity)’s power is diminished, no followers will stay with you because they never truly loved nor were they loyal. This is similar with Allah. He plays psychological mind games with people and emotionally/spiritually blackmails humans into following his teachings. The punishment in hell for disbelievers is described in great detail in the Qur’an. Burning in fire, faces melting, drinking boiling water that will burn your innards…
Muslims are not following Allah because they ‘care’ about him or love him as a deity. Rather they fear this imaginary deity’s power and how he will torture them ruthlessly if they don’t believe in him. Of course you will find Muslims who say they love Allah and even cry for him. Many would gladly die for him, but it’s not love. It is a false loyalty. It is actually a mental illness and the term for it today is called Stockholm syndrome. In situations where you find no other alternatives (in religion there ARE, but the fear Allah inspires is quite immense), you can easily force yourself to ‘love’ something or someone, sympathize with them and be loyal to them. It is a sickness that is hard to be free of once it has manifested itself. Therefore once again, Allah is not a God worth worshiping. A deity that created humans so it can feel satisfaction for its power is not a God is just an attention seeker.

5. Following Allah for rewards is nothing but butt kissing.
As I mentioned above, Allah only inspires followers out of fear. Naturally followers of Allah are not interested in Allah’s love or actually care about the God himself, but rather what he promises. Eternal bliss. They only do things for rewards. They only help others, give charity and do other good works for rewards. Their whole existence on being good is for a reward in heaven. Even the Qur’an bears witness to this fact citing believers to do things for Allah and Allah alone. Allah is swamped by an army a billion strong of persistent butt kissers and they lick his ass with extraordinary fervor in hopes of wine and virgin prostitutes in heaven. Why anyone would be inspired and look up to such an insult to humanity is beyond me. People should do good because they want to. Because they want to help others. Because they get satisfaction from helping others. Because happiness comes from helping others. It actually shows that Allah is so insecure about his influence and power to inspire awe in his creation, that he has to tempt people with a gift to gain followers. I do not worship Gods that require ass licking and are not confident enough in their abilities to inspire loyalty that they have to condition their creation.

6. Allah’s religion does not guarantee better humans
While I am not saying this is part of Islam, some people can ardently believe in Allah and do terrible things. Look at the acid attacks in Afganistan and Pakistan. The stoning of rape victims, the punishing of rape victims, the executions of homosexuals, adulterers, apostates, blasphemers etc. Look at the terrorism and hypocrisy. While apologetics would argue this is not Islam, regardless it still shows that Allah’s religion hardly benefits mankind or stops people from doing evil things. Plus you shouldn’t do evil things because you know it hurts others and hurting others is wrong. That is what I live by. Religious people supposedly don’t do evil things because they fear hell. That is the difference between them and I.

7. Allah lets believers get away with anything
If I could quote the amount of ahadith and quranic verses that allow believers to get away with atrocities, this article would be a hell of a deal longer. While repentance is encouraged, it is not proper repentance. One merely has to pray with all their heart for forgiveness and Allah may forgive them. Very rarely is it sincere repentance. The fact of the matter is, whatever you do wrong, you should go to the people you have wronged and try to rectify it with honesty and integrity. If it is such a situation that you cannot, than devote some of your time being a better person and helping others and learning from your mistake. That is repentance. Not praying to some egotistical deity and getting forgiveness. And basically that is what Allah’s faith (and all others) allow. People can simply sincerely repent in their hearts (not a bad thing) and get away with it (bad thing). That is not justice nor does it do justice for the people’s lives hurt, wronged or ruined. No amount of praying is going to make that other person’s wounds better or fix the damage that is done. Hence one must take responsibility for one’s mistakes, own up to it and go out there and fix it. Not pray mindlessly for the ‘sin’ to be removed for eternal happiness. When I started a high school there was a girl I use to bully and I am sincerely sorry for it now. No amount of praying is going to remove those painful memories or the humiliation and hurt I inflicted upon her. Now I vowed one day, if I ever meet her or see her again to sincerely apologize for my behavior, explain that I was just a bitchy teenager and let her to decide to forgive me or not. That is my rectification. My repentance is never to bully others again and speak out against bullies who do. That is what humanism has taught me. I will not take the ‘easy’ way out by making myself feel better that some deity will forgive me for hurting another individual. Allah again is not a God worth worshiping because he does not uphold justice to individuals.

8. Allah has his priorities all wrong.
Seriously. His priorities are fucked up. He is so egotistical and self-centered that he puts shirk as the worst sin of all. I seriously cannot comprehend how the personal choice of having a mediator between God and himself is the worst sin imaginable. For the life of me I cannot. How is a personal view of God (mediating using shirk) worse than murder, rape, pedophilia, oppression, tyranny, torture etc? I mean is Allah trolling or what? Then there are all those stupid punishments for having sex and homosexuality or eating something as delicious as a BLT. And I think I remember how on judgement day us kaffirs will have a flag in our ass cheeks to identify us like we are the porn stars out of some redtube bondage film. Then of course is Allah’s favor upon men. Even Allah is referred to as a ‘he’.
I suppose I could go on and on, but like all religions, Allah is a lying, manipulative, egotistical, narcissistic, sadistic, misogynistic pimp whom I won’t even devote one single praise to. I won’t give him my love or loyalty and he can lump it.

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10 August 2012


Being a hidden atheist is a difficult thing but i do have it easy compared to some others -
i dont pretend to be muslim, dont know when was the last time i prayed u can count in one hand the amount of times i prayed in a mosque (in my lifetime) though i have lived my whole life in male'
funny thing is most people expect me to be a good Muslim, apparently im good, smart & honest so i must be a good Muslim.
The thing with me is i take good even if it comes from the devil & reject evil even if its from god.

This ramadan has been kinda easy due to the political chaos no one has bothered to interrogate me on whether i prayed, i usually pray couple times around the first two day, just so i dont have to lie.
And  i have been fasting almost everyday, think its great doing something along with the community, though the late dinner sucks.
The thing that pisses me off is when i have to hold my tongue in a religious conversation, they shoot questions like "how can an eye exist with out it being designed" or "what came first the chicken or the egg"
i could answer this easily but if i do it will lead to evolution then eventually god & i dont like to lie to people so i say nothing & let them bask in the glory of their brilliant question with a scenario that is like playing russian roulette.
the thing that worries me about coming out as an atheist is not the potential death sentence what im more worried about is the blind hatred, when maldivian people hear atheist its gay/christian/jew/partey that name is worse than pedophile in some peoples eyes. so i leave them one string to hold on to "i could believe a god!" that way my loved ones don't have to worry about me getting tortured for eternity & everyone can see me for who i am & not the demonized picture of atheism.

25 November 2011

Muslims, Non-Muslims or Whatever

If u r a Maldivian please spare a few minutes to fill out this survey

please get as many people as u can to fill it out

Thanks :D

15 December 2009

How to convert a kafir to ur religon

Ive seen many muslim bloggers trying to teach us kafirs a lesson & terribly fail
Some r really trying to help & others r just down right malicious
This is not for the people who say “ill believe what ill believe even with mountains of evidence agains me”
That kinda people cannot convince anyone & would most probably will result in alienating themselves from the rest of humanity

So if u r really interested in converting a kafir & unifying people u should be interested in this article

Scroll to the bottom if u r interested in y im posting this

-Don't tell atheists what they think; let them tell you what they think.
The single greatest and most common mistake theists make in dialoguing with atheists, in my experience, is to attempt to present the atheist viewpoint themselves and then argue against it. The problem with this is that relatively few theists can accurately depict the atheist viewpoint, and when they try, they often end up presenting nothing but the same old false stereotypes - atheists are nihilists, atheists have no purpose in life, atheists just want to be free of moral restraint, atheists are angry or arrogant, and so on - which are common in apologetic literature, but which do not represent the true beliefs of the vast majority of atheists. The result is that the theist goes to some effort only to set up and then knock down a straw man, while the atheist's actual position remains untouched. This brings the atheist no closer to converting. If anything, it is far more likely to produce annoyance at the one who would presume to speak for atheists without understanding their views, and make a conversion even less likely.

To evangelistic theists, my best advice is this: Don't rely on books written by other theists to tell you what atheists think. Don't even rely on books written by theists who claim they are ex-atheists. Most such books, based on the ones I have read, cannot be trusted to accurately convey the atheist viewpoint. If you want to learn about a position, there is no substitute for asking people who actually hold that position. If you want to have a productive dialog with an atheist, be sure to assume as little as possible, and whenever it is practical ask them what they think, rather than presuming.

-Don't assume that atheists aren't familiar with the beliefs of your religion.

-Don't make assertions you're not prepared or willing to defend.

-Don't ignore sincere questions.
As in the last point, ignoring or evading honest questions is a very bad idea when dialoguing with an atheist. It will raise in their minds the suspicion not only that you cannot defend your faith (and thus why should they convert at your say-so?), but that the evidence is not there at all. If you feel like you're being overwhelmed with questions, say so. If you don't know the answer to a question, say so. But do not refuse to acknowledge a question, and do not impugn the atheist's motives for asking it. If a person asks a question, it is probably because they want an answer.

-Don't use threats, personal insults, or ad hominem attacks.

-Don't try to be an armchair psychologist.
I find it all too common for proselytizers to attempt to psychoanalyze someone they have just met, or even someone they have never met, confidently speculating on the abusive upbringing, personal tragedy or bad experience with a church that led the person to abandon belief in God and become an atheist out of anger or bitterness. It is a fool's errand to try to see into someone else's mind in this manner; not only that, it will usually be wrong. …………………………..

-Don't ask atheists to do something for you if you're not prepared to offer the same courtesy in return.

-Don't refuse to acknowledge your mistakes.
We are all human, and we all make mistakes. This by itself will not necessarily immediately doom any attempt to convert an atheist; what is more important is how you respond when it does happen. In general, atheists value honesty, but look dimly on any attempt by people to appear infallible. Most atheists will be much more impressed if you admit your mistake, accept correction and move on. On the other hand, making a mistake and then doggedly refusing to admit it after being corrected - or worse, repeating the same erroneous claim after its falsity was pointed out - is a surefire way to be ignored. After all, doing this is the sign of a dishonest person, and why should we believe anything a dishonest person says?

-Don't assume that any one atheist speaks for all atheists.

-Don't refuse to consider the atheist viewpoint honestly and seriously.
This may be the most difficult item on this list for many theists, but in many ways, it is the most vital. Many people approach the atheism/theism debate with the attitude that their own viewpoint is the only one worth taking seriously, and that all others are beneath their notice and can be dismissed without further consideration. Whether this belief is explicitly stated or not, it will pervade all the arguments of the person who holds it, and will likely lead to a corresponding reaction in others who can sense that they are being treated with contempt. Simply stated, if you approach an atheist with the attitude that you have nothing to learn from them, you will most definitely not make a convert. Treat their position with respect and give their arguments the honest consideration they deserve, and you will have a right to expect the same in return.


id say this is an improvement

I care about peace & tolerance but with the way these debates usually go its kill or be killed so the only way this can come to a peaceful resolution is through understanding & respect for each other
if u choose to oppress, the society is/will suffer for it