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27 July 2013

Welcome to the Hashtag era

Its been ages since the blogger community die down with the rise of microblogging & social networks, sites like mvblogs.org has become ancient, where did all the bloggers go where do the maldivian communities meet nowadays. did everyone get lost between #fuckadhaalath & #instapics.

did conversations reduce to a like button? with the new generation of checkins & shares are we to be slaves of the smartphone, is memes the pinnacle of this generation.

btw i am in no way saying im excluded in  this, its just sad to see the era of mvblogs pass.


Total of 2,339 blogs, flickr accounts were created in the time frame of April 2001 to May 2013


Oh yea ill be trying to continue the blog through this page, maybe use something like #MvLogs as a feeble attempt to revive the blogger community on fb or any other hashtag community 

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