please dont view this blog if u r not comfortable with me criticizing or insulting ur god/religion

12 October 2008

y i dont believe in a god

ooh man where do i start

to me the idea some intelligent being creating all this out of nothing & judges us on how we behave is same as the idea of pink unicorns & fairies

IF u want to know where the universe came from u HAVE TO answer where god came from

do u realize that through out the world different people believe in A LOT of different gods & in which they believe that for a 100% that other gods cant be true

i dont deny the fact there can be a god but the probability of that being true is so absurd, it is (much much) more probable for a planet to have the right circumstances for life to begin, in this vast universe
& to think that the god who created the universe to judge us on how we live, what we eat & what we say & do, its just down right crazy TO ME

just because u dont understand something u shouldnt call the x factor GOD

if u believe in god a 100%
can u explain the reasoning
id really like to hear them
who knows u might even convince me
I doubt that u can convince me that bastard u call god is real


didnt u think i was being a bastard here
now dosent that sounds like something ur god would say

Thats y calls Him a bastard!

god left us with a book over a 1000years ago to blindly follow
reward blind faith over intelligence
no freedom of choice, intolerance & hypocrisy (if u dont believe me look at the first two things i said in this line)

i know if what u believe is true im going to hell (so might u if some other religion is right)
if u r gonna say u read it all & u know islam is true I bet there will be a cristian who would say the same thing
obviously only one can be right

hmm y did they include atheism as a religion??!!
atheism is disbelief or lack of belief god, nothing more
most buddists r also atheists


dreamxcape said...

u say "more probable for a planet to have the right circumstances for life to begin, in this vast universe".. hehe.. do u even knw the probability of this? of every single particle (in relativistic terms) being where it should be at the right moment for the big band to occur? u'll need a quantum computer to calculate this probability..

oh, and islam is compatible with science

god does not ask us to follow him blindly.. wht's the point of following blindly anyway?

and, even if u're unsure.. just believe in god.. in the end if god exists, u won't be screwed then :P

Anonymous said...

Dreamxcape: That's the most stupid thing I heard. "If God exists, and if we believe in him, we won't be screwed"? What kind of God is THAT? He doesn't give us evidence, and expects us to blindly BELIEVE in him and for FEIGNING that belief he is going to reward us with Paradise? So your God would like us to cheat ourselves and at the same time try to cheat him! What splendid logic.
Islam is compatible with science? That must be the joke of the year. Islam contradicts almost all scientific findings of today.
And you would have to be stupid to think that God solves everything. It doesn't. You think that God solves the First Cause but it doesn't. Rather it aggravates the problem. It raises the bigger issue of who designed such a perfect being for that being has to be more perfect and so on. It's time you realised that there is yet a physical crane or concept that humans haven't been able to grasp yet we can give answers as to the First Cause. We might have to wait for that answer all our lives and yet we may never find it. Give it a rest. You need to have your consciousness raised. Read good books like Richard Dawkins' "The God Delusion."

Sam said...

Please see:


for excellent discussions on "God"

freethink-mv said...

looks like i dont have to do much explaining thnx to Anonymous

well im gonna do it anyway

even IF the probability of that happening is 0.0000000000001
the idea that it just poof out of nothing because an omnipotent being wished it is 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001
(to me)

i dont know what kinda islam u r following
but isnt this true

-it is an absolute must to pray 5 times a day or ull go to hell
-evolution cannot possibly be right because quran says so
-u r not suppose to draw or take pictures because it is taken as competing with god
-u r suppose to kill infidels
-u r allowed to beat ur wife

r u saying a religion with this small minded crap allows science

my islam teacher made it sound like evolution was absolutely crazy & u r saying islam supports science

yea islam supports science as long as it supports islam the rest is just crap

if u r gonna pick & choose what u r gonna believe in, y not just make ur own philosophy & take this god person out of the equation

freethink-mv said...

theres a lot more zeroes in there u dont see

Anonymous said...

you call this a blog?

freethink-mv said...

noo i call it "wachacallit!!!"

islamic said...

i am not gonna shout you are wrong, cos as you tell us we (the 'stupids' who follow a religion) has our mind made so we don't see the truth, you are not gonna believe either cos you have made your mind.
you talk about Darwin's theory as if it has been proven a fact. but even those who believe in it and the scientists are unable to find the 'missing links'.

let me give you a good read
The Evolution Deceit

well, you said to 'try' to 'convince' you. i don't give a sh*t if you believe it or not. but i see that you have doubts even about your current beliefs, because you are not giving up on God altogether, you tell there is a 'possibility' of a God.

Make up your mind buddy, cos its either this or that, as you said, both can't be right, and you can't be on both sides cos its mutually exclusive. then what is this hypocrisy?

freethink-mv said...

hey im an open minded person my current status is atheist (lack of belief in god)
if theres good evedence i would change my mind (thats y im questioning u people)
im not here to convert people im here for my own reason

if my choices are evolution or crazy monkey in the sky i would choose evolution

even if evolution is wrong that doesnt make "god did it!!" right
unless u got some good evidence to back that up
u cant call the unknown, god

simply insane said...

Anonymous said...

you call this a blog?

That made my day
What kind of question is that anyway??

Anonymous said...

Hi. I take it you believe that everyone is an individual, and as an individual has every right to believe what they believe? I do too. And I do not believe on forcing upon people what I believe either.

Since you have been asking around for conviction or persuasion, may I offer a suggestion? Maybe you can read upon the different religions (I see you have inserted a pie chart as well, somewhere here..), if you really want to know about God or the existence of God. But if your mind is set, there is absolute little that anyone can do to change it right. Nevertheless, if you crave the knowledge, why not seek it for yourself eh?

For once, maybe even for the sake of reading, read the Quran with it's translation? with the Tafseer? (this is quite important as we need explanation from those who studied the Quran to fully understand it) And even the other books of other religions? Maybe you might find what you are looking for..

May Allah show you to the right path. May Allah always be with you and me and all of us. May Allah increase us in knowledge and give us more wisdom. For Allah is the most beneficial, most merciful. Amen.

Ps: Google search would be an ideal place to start, yes?

demm ahum said...

yea i tried to believe in a god studied religions(i found buddhism to be appealing) even started reading the translated version of the quran but i just couldn't bring myself into believe in god it was too illogical

even if i did believe in god islam have failed,
-a religion that relied on a book to save people from eternal fire has failed
-a religion that required rituals that had to be instructed has failed

cause such thing would condemn so many innocent into eternal torture & i CANNOT believe in a god like that

anyway thanks for the comment & thanks for not being hostile :D