please dont view this blog if u r not comfortable with me criticizing or insulting ur god/religion

15 October 2008


it was in an early age while meditating on top of a pyramid, prophet maumoon was visited by A holy spirit which enlightened him that he will be a spiritual leader to the entire world
he knew that the beginning of his spiritual conquest is Maldives & the key was islam
Slowly with the guidance of the prophet the great religion islam would form into the ultimate enlighteningly true religion "Maumoonism"

it was then & there he predicted that he will rule maldives for 40 years as prophet & give birth to the ultimate religion maumoonism
it was said in the 30th year of his ruling a false prophet would rise. Lucifer himself would take form of a human with the alias "A"
but he will be no more than a mere fly in the eyes of prophet maumoon
(anyone who votes "A" would be sacrificed for the holy spirit)

the conflictions between them would drive the maumoonists to fully embraces maumoonism
within the ten years maumoonism would spread all over the world making war & peace
people will come to the realization that all other religions are false & maumoonism is the only true religion
by the end of the 45th year prophet maumoon will be a world renown spiritual leader
& would wage war against unbelievers
By the 50th year the world would bow down to him, then he himself would become the holy spirit & the ruler of the universe

So everyone lets vote for your
lord & savior

Prophet Maumoon Abdul Gayoom


Delusion said...

i sincerely hope this was sarcasm.

free.think said...

wow u didnt read a word i said did u o.O

Delusion said...

hehe u never know, ive seen ppl who worship him literally :D

Hilath said...

Human worship is common everywhere I guess.
There are people in India who literally worship Bollywood superstars Amitabh Bacchan and even the recent Shahrukh Khan (provoking National Geographic magazine to put Shahrukh on its cover and proclaim "Shahrukh Khan is God".)
In earlier decades people revered leaders who had created personality cults like in Stalin's Russia, and recently Kim Jong Il's North Korea (prompting our dignified and honorable senior minister Umar Zahir [who is also "credited" with destroying Male's beloved surf point the "Raalhugandu" to make way for an "Artificial Beach"] to comment that "North Koreans are the most well-behaved, orderly and subordinate humans on earth." Should we be surprised? Anyone who has read George Orwell's "1984" would immediately know what's happening in North Korea and Maldives, and also Cuba, the first of the countries Maumoon visited when he became President along with Libya.
So there's Maumoonism for us Maldivians.