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15 December 2008

The religion of peace... ??!!

really is islam a religion of peace?
I would say islam is ok as long as the rules of islam don’t apply to non muslims

u know when i was trying to be a muslim i thought homosexuals should be beaten, people of other faiths are all dumber than shit & r lower class than animals, anyone who says bad things about allah should be killed, de-converts should be killed, adulterers should be killed…… that’s what they taught me at school

& with all these rules about sex y wasn’t pedophiles mentioned I would have supported killing them
This is a system which they allows to prey on the weak & block progressive thinking

I had a conversation about a youtube video about tolerance couple weeks back here’s how it went

if only most muslims were like that

although i did find this a little hypocritical
its in ur religion to insult other faiths & lower them as filthy pigs

the way u tolerate others are the way u keep ur pets
dogs n pigs should be eliminated n others should play by ur rules

or am i wrong?

I respect your comment. I must say you have a wrong understanding of Islam. The mass media is spreading false propaganda against Islam. Islam doesn't force anyone to be Muslim. I have been told that Non-Muslims also had the same Social status as Muslims Under Muslim Rule. I have been told that if a special meal was prepared in my house then give some of the food to the neighbors whether they are Muslim, Jew or Christian. It is true that non-Muslims under the rule of Muslims were required to pay Jizya, but that is for providing them security and other services. There were cases when the Muslim rulers gave all the money back, during hard times for the Muslims. That was when Muslims weren't able to provide them with sufficient security against invaders etc.
Today people are required to pay tax in USA too!

Try weighing the crimes committed by Muslims against the Crimes committed by Non-Muslims.

Dear brother/sister, Please don't judge Islam by its followers.

hey its not the media,
im talkin about my school teachings (majeediya school)
n if u r a muslim n u have a child u are required by religion to punish that child into the religion after the age of 6

am i wrong on that one too

how about islamic views on atheists, jews, gays, music, pictures, painting, de-converts,
i know this is radical stuff but it still is islam at its purist form

thats y i said it was hypocritical

if u want to weight crime how about being a buddhist its a great religion... seriously
better than sugar coating a sadistic manipulative religion like islam

i know it have its good qualities but it does come at a price

Yes Anonymous. I believe that Islam is the true religion chosen by Allah (God). Let's assume that you also believe that Islam is the true religion. Then its justified, right? If you love your children then you wouldn't want your children to go astray!

Talking about atheists lets assume that a plane carrying atheists run into trouble. When the engine of the plane fails what would they do? Of course they pray.. Now isn't that hypocrisy too? Mind you, I'm not making all this up, this has happened more than once.

And What? Do you really believe that it's ethical for a man marrying another man. How are they going to produce their offspring? If you believe that this is ethical then I say Good Bye.

Dear anonymous, your accusations against Islam proves your limited knowledge in Islam. Go read authentic books.

Many former accusers of Islam have embraced Islam including Christian Ministers, Christian Scholars, Hindus, Jews.

Funny thing is its not up to the parents to guide them into religion, the religion itself commands it
First there is a choice if u want to be a muslim, but by that choice alone the whole family (descendants) are condemned into being muslims the persons who defies it should be killed (do u see how manipulative this is)

Islam(most religions) has its own set of rules saying it is the absolutely right rules & expects everyone to follow it
In the eyes of islam u r a tolerant person but as far as the rest of the world is concerned u r not

& it dosent matter if u think its ethical or not
if u were to be in control u would deny homosexuals their freedom n that makes u an intolerant person, they deserve the same rights as us (btw we r not having a population shortage problem to be worrying about offspring )

fear will make u do many things, i might even wish for superman to save me that doesnt make it any true

one thing
only n idiot would claim there is absolutely no god with *100% CERTAINTY*

same goes to saying “there r no leprechauns, fairs or invisible pink unicorns”

im not looking for the most popular cultures im lookin for the most logical/reasonable reasoning

if u were in control do u think gay people should be killed or beaten till they become a eunuch or die?
(just think about it)

anyway hypocritical or not I don’t want to stand in ur way of becoming a good person n this conversation is going nowhere so, sorry if I insulted u & hope any other religion aint true n you DON’T go hell ^_^

Don’t think he posted my last comment

islam has no regard to anyone other than muslims & is designed to spread like a virus
the only reason y U think its peaceful is because it says it is & u HAVE TO believe that


Anonymous said...

Your boss (Antony Flew - Leading Athiest) now beleives in God. Some sense got into him. Time for you to do the same as you are way behind him.

Read this:

Anonymous said...

There are stupid people in the world. But i would say that Atheists are the leading ones in stupidty. :)

Islam is the religion of peace. No doubt about that. Same goes to other religions too. No religion supports evil.

Even during the days countries were conquired, No one was forcibly asked to convert to Islam nor they were harmed. They were free to practice their own religion.

True there are Muslim extremists, but its not what Islam is about. They are extremists. The same goes to Christianity as well. There are christian and jewish extremists and during the christian crusades, it was evident they forcibly coverted people to the religion and who did not were slain.

I see that you did not do your home work.

You should read some books on history before you start blogging.

Anonymous said...

Free thinkers? Haha but you only gave choices of what you want in your poll. cannot even escape from supporting athiesm in your poll. cos u didnt give a choice! Shows how much of a free thinker you are. ;)

Free thinking doesnt mean you should be stupid not beleive in the obvious. There is God. And you were not born to this world from your mothers womb just like that.

Would you beleive if someone told you that a boat was moving on its own, anchoring itself at spots and travelling again without any captain in it? You WONT.

The same thing with the world & universe and everything else.

Nature plays its role according to Gods plan and according to Gods will. GOD is the "captain".

producer said...

its very good that there are free thinkers among us, and i encourage you to keep up the critical thinking and follow the truth wherever it leads :) however, my feeling is that you don't have to be an atheist to be cool or such, and also study/judge islam from a neutral position, not being a hardcore islamphobic..not until u have satisfied urself with enough reading and research. but again i think that thinking critically about islam is more than ok

Anonymous said...

I only read ur last para and if you are seeking for an answer or rather your just letting out ur frustrations, nevertheless, i can say you do not posses enough knowledge about islam.
To have influence on others to believe what you believe is human nature. Ask any sportsman he will say he doesnt understand why people don't play his sport. extremism doesnt stop at islam. Its there in other religions and even hard-core athiests. What all news channels and even history tries to bury is suppression to muslims. Muslims were made prisoners in their own country. Eons of frustration erupted in the form of extremist muslims who were willing to give anything for a better life. It fairness and a quality life that muslims want just like what any other human wants. There are more than 10 million muslims in US. Do you hear of coming up new extremists there? you dont much right? Almost all atrocities come from middle easterners or countries like pakistan and afganistan where the common folk live in poverty and very low conditions. See how the Palestinians live. If you were a citizen living there you too wud be an extremist. This has nothing to do with what religion you follow. Its about power of the wealthy and the ambitious. Did u know there are more than 10m christians living in egypt? do u hear them crying for help? but they are living amongst muslim in a muslim nation.
I dont care what you believe. but before you blast yourself at something, get the facts right.

Anonymous said...

Athiests are those people who don't like rules & regulations and who want to do whatever they wish in this world.

And you are one of them. simple.

But you will find that when you are helpless in the situations that befall upon you, the first thing that would come to your mind is GOD. Beleive me.

free.think said...

anony 1:
my boss??!!
i dont follow anyone like a prophet
i follow my own logical thinkin the thinking which "god" gave me
& a death bed conversion dont count as him believing (hes a old man going senile )
also if these HAS to be a boss the one that even comes close to it would be richard dawkins even then i would NOT accept every word he says

anony 2:
i do agree with u on some points
but the specific points i mentioned
thats whats wrong with islam (well atleast for me)
u r right i dont know much about islam so does a lot of people who call themselves muslims
& i know the people u r calling the peaceful muslim
they were poets brilliant mathematicians leading scientists
it is not the islam that exist today

isalm really needs to get its act straight or it is gonna get lost forever

i know there r some stupid atheists but i dont know how they be the leading ones
care to provide some examples?

anony 3:
its a poll for atheists

if thats the case physics is GOD
& i dont think its allah, jesus or any of the other gods (& there r a lot of em)

yea thanks will do
& the title may say islam but actually im talking about most religions
also im not an islamphobic i do believe it is better than Christianity
well im not here to show the better side of it there r a lot of people doint that

anony 4:
ok these r my thoughts & i know im not an expert but u all fail to mention the "mistakes" ive made so please correct me without beating around the bush
first of all i was not talking about some muslims becoming terrorists
i was talking about my experience as a muslim the way i felt about the world when *I* was a muslim

anony 5:
read the post ive already answered that

& for ur infomation i havent broken any rules, exept i dont believe in god

Anonymous said...

Anony 4 here again.
My bad on not reading the whole thing. Thought Id jst read ur conclusion, first time around. Firstly, only gays have a problem about islam not allowing homosexuality. Not exactly the rest of the world thinks so. Ask any straight person the world over, they all do frown at gays.
Secondly, its the hatred for a restriction in islam that makes people hate the religion. Not that it teaches to do wrong or it has illogical/unethical ideologies and all. And with that hatred, islam becomes illogical, unethical, is against science and critical/free thinking and all that. Why exactly did u start to hate islam? maybe because music is not encouraged, or since u talk a lot about homosexuality ur unhappy as Islam forbids that. I am not looking for an answer on that but just to point out that such a disliking is whats behind people hating Islam. not because the rest of the world thinks its illogical or unethical.
3rdly, i agree to your point about most maldivians not practicing islam well. its not their fault to some extent. but as muslims they should look to find how we are to live and practice islam the right way.
4thly, islam being hypcritical and insuting other religions/faiths is not how real muslims should act. Its the mindset our society has spoon fed us from long time back. there are many feeble stuff that still exist within our small society. but u should also know that in a muslim country/community islami sharia would be the law and so non-muslims should adhere to it.
And like u said, even if u and i keep writing like this it will go nowhere as it comes down to what the individual believes.

free.think said...

no u r wrong on the gay thing
im not gay, i think its disgusting but that doesnt mean they should be beaten n disrespected they r not harming anyone
its kinda like subject of slavery

i dont know if its just in maldives but i started hate islam because of its onesided teachings & how it doesnt give freedom of choice

the reason y i wrote this post was not to bad mouth islam
it was because people pretend islam is tolerant when it clearly is not
(muslims can be tolerant but islam cannot)
by islam i mean islam as in a political system
(i know its a unfair to islam that im takin a bit extremist point of view but that is whats happening in maldives)

we live in a multi cultured society & we have to learn to live with each other
islam is not the answer

i think i should have added "quit pretending" to the post

anyway good talkin to u

Delusion said...

hey you, i'm glad to finally find a fellow sane person. i'm a hardcore Richard Dawkins fan too. i admire you for trying to make a point in your blog but i'm afraid most Maldivians aren't still open minded enough to accept other peoples views without becoming rabid. i mean if they found out our identity they'd prolly stone us to death without any remorse. why? just for having an opinion different to them. Like he said, 'God' is arguably the most unpleasant character in all fiction: jealous and proud of it; a petty, unjust, unforgiving control-freak; a vindictive, bloodthirsty ethnic cleanser; a misogynistic, homophobic, racist, infanticidal, genocidal, filicidal, pestilential, megalomaniacal, sadomasochistic, capriciously malevolent bully. Cheers to you...