please dont view this blog if u r not comfortable with me criticizing or insulting ur god/religion

21 December 2008

So let say that god is real…

does that mean god rewards blind faith & luck

what I mean by that is I personally see no reason to believe there is an intelligent being who created the universe does that mean I have to pretend to believe in him should I have ignored anything other than the so called books of god. Is lying to our selves n one-sided arguments the way into heaven should I be rewarded for being ignorant than to be honest & logical, if that’s true y did god give me logic in the first place
is the choices god left us "rational or irrational" rational meaning u go to hell

now lets say I believe in god. y is religion hidden like a needle in a hay stack, how could god allow such a thing to happen. people dying through war & famine in places like Africa they don’t have the resources to review all the religions & make the “right” choice.
In islam to go to heaven u must do 1 important thing u have to believe without a doubt that "The God is the only god & prophet mohammed is his messenger" don’t think they did that so they r all going to hell. god brought nothing but suffering to them, how can I pray to a god like that how can I believe in one like that

It is said that near the end all of islam would be lost which means some where along the line all of ur decedents would turn kafir & go to hell so if u believe in hell & u don’t want ur children’s children’s children’s …….. to go to hell stop breeding & let islam die with u that way you all can go to heaven earlier
Y r u all riskin your children’s souls here on earth when u KNOW there is a heaven


U know if islam is true id say we r god’s physiological experiment
We r like rats in a maze without the cheese
& atheists r the ones saying forget about the cheese n live ur life in peace

Don’t talk to me about u being peaceful if I ever came out as an atheist some of u would want to kill me like that umar naseer
& the scary thing is some of my closest friends r like that


Anonymous said...

Actually you don't have to come out. What I mean is that most "normal" people don't go about loudly declaring that "I am a believer, I am heterosexual" and blah blah blah. So I don't think anybody has to advertise things like that.

free.think said...

yea but the thing a large part of my family is habi & i dont pretend to be religious its hard to hold my tong when they start advising & i really hate to lie
sooner or later im gonna have to face them

wow i actually never thought of this

Anonymous said...

It might not be as bad as you think.
I first started putting across my own "rational" ideas in small and harmless doses when my family talked about religion or gave me religious "advice." So when they started seeing my opposition, they started to refrain from it and started leaving me alone.
Within one year, my Haabee parents accepted that I was like this but told me not to voice my views in public and also at least go to mosque for the five prayers so that God may still direct me back to the correct path.
This has been somewhat a psychological relief because my parents have now given me the choice to be who I am as long as I go along with society and they are OK that I am a non-believer now because they have placed their hopes for a future date when I may come back to Islam. So it kind of feels free right now. Never mind about their hope that one day in future I may come back to Islam; they didn't set any dates, so that future date could be any date, perhaps even long after they have passed on to their afterlife.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how you could grow up an atheist while surrounded by a Haabee family! So there is still hope for humanity after all! Gr8!

free.think said...

actually a haabee family is the best place to understand atheism
it only takes a spark for a revelation to come crashing down