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29 December 2008

Pathetic preacher

I was browsing through mvblogs & found this
“Response to the "Child Molester" LIE against our beloved Prophet, Muhammad peace be upon him”
**edit -later today
wow!! he deleted all his posts o.O
wonder what happened

Long story short
heres what I read - that was important
“Since GOD Almighty enabled females in Aisha's age to get pregnant, as it happened even in our world today with the 9-year old Thai girl giving birth, then why can't her age be the minimum age for marriage, especially during the Biblical and Islamic days where people used to die between the ages of 40s and 50s due to diseases and malnutrition?”


Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him was not a child molester as the haters of Islam claim. He was a Noble Messenger of God. Muhammad peace be upon him lived in a society and culture that existed 1400 years ago, and we must not judge what he or others did based on our standards today. It is wrong and foolish to do so.”

That makes sense dosent it? (not saying that I totally agree)
& here I thought most muslims(especially the preachers) r irrational
So I wanted to clarify what he said so I responded
“Sorry didn’t read all that
But is what u r saying
- religion should change with the times
- what occurs in nature should be considered gods will & we should live as if it was in then (this makes pedophiles among other stuff ok)”

he didn’t post that comment!!
Y even preach if u cant handle a little debate
I think he chose no. 2, which makes his entire post bull shit

Gotta say though I really do enjoy that blog trying to bash other religions when he cant even cover his own ass

Anyway enough about him
What r ur thought on that subject

Do u think prophet mohammed was a child molester

Personally I think its unjust, immoral & should not have been a trait in a prophet
If it was at the present time I believe he should be stoned to death along side with Ibrahim for trying to kill his own child


Anonymous said...

If Mohammed was truly a prophet, he would have set better examples.
If Allah was a true god, he would know that Mohammed would be called a pedophile in the future. How could Allah allow his last messenger to be called a pedophile in the future? Was it necessary for Mohammed to have married a 9 year old little girl and result in being called a pedophile later on?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous allah dose not exist...other wise he wouldn't have done that

Hilath said...

Ingireysithofi is a blog that seems to have been set up to counter Arabiguitar.

But unlike Arabiguitar which can take criticism and publishes anonymous posts, this Ingireysithofi is so insecure that they wouldn't allow anonymous people to criticise it, even though everyone knows that because religion is a sensitive issue people would like to make anonymous criticisms.

The "arguments" made by Ingireysithofi is no different from any of the silly arguments fundamentalist Christians make in defence of Christianity.

A very revealing slip made by Ingiresyithofi is the claim that the Prophet lived in a culture of 1,400 years ago. Ingireysithofi seems to have forgotten that Islam was sent for all times until the Judgement Day. So how do he justify his "arguments" laying claim to a certain era, when Islam was sent for all eras?

Ingireysithofi should cease his blog and let more enlightened, educated and sophisticated Muslims to spread awareness about Islam. The only result of Ingireysithofi's misguided ramblings is tarnishing the image of Islam, a faith beloved to more than a billion people around the world.

Anonymous said...

You might be surprised that in the civilized west the age of consent in such states as Delaware was only 7yrs of age, and only a century and a half ago.

"American reformers were shocked to discover that the laws of most states set the age of consent at the age of ten or twelve, and in one state, Delaware, the age of consent was only seven. Women reformers and advocates of social purity initiated a campaign in 1885 to petition legislators to raise the legal age of consent to at least sixteen"


You might be surprised still? that many scholars and historians don't agree on the actual age of Aisha when she got married to the prophet.. some say she was 17.. documentation wasn't as good centuries ago as it is today.. under any circumstance that is actually inconsequential

Kazaab said...

Wasn't most of the women Prophet Muhammad married older than him? doesn't that make him more of a gerontophile rather than a pedophile?

mohamed said...

anon 3:

the fact of the matter is a 9 year old would not have reach physical & mental maturity
& i just cant believe u can accept a prophet who would take advantage of her

if documentations are that bad how can u make life choices with it (as some of u do) & r u saying allowing pedophiles is a minor consequence

u have to kill just once to be called a killer

Ned said...

The arguement is whether it is morally right to have sex with nine year olds.
It was morally right in the day of the prophet.
The Prophet did so, and he was a perfect example of mankind who has never been equaled. He would never have done something wrong.

A more puzzling question is why is having sex with 9 year olds now considered something of concern amongst many Muslims, when the prophets actions confirmed it as a morally exemplary thing to do?

Kazaab said...

I suppose you missed my point there Mohamed.

What I meant to point out was the person referred to in your article (Prophet Muhammad), if I have my sources correct wasn't exclusively involved in sexual relationships with prepubescent girls (to get the facts straight he was never sexually involved with a prepubescent girl).

But many of his marriages, were with women older than him, making him more of a gerontophile rather than a pedophile.

Mohamed said...

slogan for islam
"Pedophiles!! WELCOME TO ISLAM!!"

no wonder Michel Jackson wanted to get into this religion

sure hope u r kidding

when i say pedophile i mean he had sex with a 9 year old - a lot of muslims do believe this
& i dont care how many grannys he fucked

he is suppose to be a perfect role model

if u believe something else by all means do explain

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, who says-
".. some say she was 17.. documentation wasn't as good centuries ago as it is today.. under any circumstance that is actually inconsequential"

You are wrong. There are consequences. Many Maldivian Islamic scholars have opposed minimum age of marriage as 18 years. In Muslim societies young girls are being married off to older men - because the "documentation" says so..

If you have doubt about Ayesha's age because "documentation wasn't as good"...
then should you not have doubt about the documentation of the Quran and Hadith?
The Quran we have was compiled by Caliph Usman and Bukhari wrote down the Hadiths 150 years after Mohammeds death.

arykko said...

i jus dnt understand one this about some of u atheists....(emphasis on some :P)

if bein an atheist means u spend most of ur time tryin to prove that u r right and dissing every religion man-made and heaven-sent...wats the point of bein an atheist? we get that u dnt wanna blv in a god and hate the comfornities of religion. but then isnt religion becomin a part of ur life this way? u r probly far worse then those extremists O_O with all ur talk about wats wrong with that religion n wats wrong with this one....

point is....
why cant everybody jus let everybody be?

Mohamed said...

lol being an atheist dosent mean u have to prove anything

i have to hold my tong with other people most of the time
this is just my way of letting it all out
i do live with a lot of religious people
& its annoying as hell(not that i believe in it)

also i will not roll over n let those religious nut-jobs take over our country - this has gone far enough

Chris Hansen said...


The only reason Mohamed has issues against Islam is cause his Mummy and Daddy used to touch him as a child (both of who are so-called Islamic fundamentalists). As they believed it was a form of worship through which they can get closer to God.

Mohamed said...

mommy daddy allah noooooooooooooooo.....


Chris Hansen:
if u cant think of any constrictive criticism dont bother commenting
you fucking blowjob!! **russell peter XD

Anonymous said...

"why cant everybody jus let everybody be?"
Why cant Muslims stop saying Maldives will be 100% Islamic..let people of other faiths practise their religion?
Try and answer that?

arykko said...

u chose to answer my question with another question? fine..

the reason maldivians don't want to let other religions spread in the country is because they believe that letting other religions (as well as atheism) flourish is against their religion. im not saying i support it, but im just answering your question :)

and chris, islamic fundamentalism may not be my area of expertise..but i dont believe that there is any beliefs within them that support child molestation. you may want to do a bit of research before you say anything else :)

Chris Hansen said...


I did say; "so-called Islamic fundamentalists". As you can see, Mohamed's childhood experience has resulted in him, spewing filth at an imaginary character that he has never even met. He is venting out his anger towards his parents by beating up an imaginary character who he refers to as "Muhammad".
Its very, normal for those who have been attacked by pedophiles. Like most children who have suffered at the hands of pedophiles, tend to do Mohamed too might have suppressed those memories. However they tend to manifest themselves as such you can observe in his writings. But in extreme cases, they might even commit suicide.

Its all very sad, so I highly recommend whoever comments here to be aware and be sympathetic to this fellow human being who has evolved from an ape. And not to confront his ideas at any cost for he may commit you know what.

arykko said...

hehe...interesting theory chris..but i highly doubt it..he doesnt seem psychologically troubled...atleast not yet :P

oh, n before this gets too personal im not here to judge anybody..i just gave my opinion and thats all...

and to mohamed, i think this is quite an interesting blog, even though i dont completely agree with eveyrhting in it...keep on posting :)


Angry Maldivian! said...

@ aryko: It's not against ISLAM to ALLOW OTHER RELIGIONS TO BE PRACTICED in Maldives (or any other country for that matter)!! Its simply against the CONSTITUTION OF MALDIVES!!!

arykko said...

i dint say it is..i said "they believe" it is..quite a difference there... :/

mohamed said...

thanx arykko ^_^

Chris Hansen i think u r seeing ur own psychological problems in others, seek help!

as for the 100% muslim title its meaning less, sooner or later its gonna come down
im hoping it would be sooner so then we can move forward as a community

Chris said...

I feel you Mohamed, so many of my patients are in denial of their condition inflicted by close relatives (especially in your case your own Father and Mother). In your case its special as your family have evolved from an ape, I understand how hard it would be to communicate, and horrendous the humping session would have been on the little you.

Take care Mohamed, this is where I have to say Goodbye to you.

mohamed said...

yea what ever u say mate

just dont go humping ur patients :D

Anonymous said...

non believers go to hell.That is the way every religion works so any good person would try and 'save' a non believer by trying to convert them.
Same thing happens with athiesm, they are trying to help the religious people, in matters like this where kids are sexually abused and some religious people say its acceptable. If you doubt the 'documentation' then use your brain.

Sheri said...

actually in budhism, don't 'non believers' (and I use the term loosely, because afaik they dont have that concept, just good people vs bad people) get reincarnated as earthworms. Or pond scum?

mohamed said...

non believers in what?
there quest of life is to gain eternal bliss
i think wht u r talkin about is like karma, do bad things n bad things will happen to u its more psychiatric than faith
well in the other case there r extremists everywhere

moyameehaa said...

@arykko; here is why atheist do what they do.Well now they think theyve had enough bullshit in their world. irrational belief systems are ruining everything.Everything is spoiled by religion. Society,politics,economy,personal life..etc. this have been going on for too long. otherwise sane and intelligent people believe stupid things and these things are not just stupid, but also dangerous. so many atheists feel that it is they moral obligation (or simply to save their arse) fight these things.personally, i dont have any problem with religions (i do wish all people will come to their senses).I have problems with those who try to mess with others in the name of their religion. Islam is famous for doing this.and Islam is what we have in Maldives. so naturally i may 'insult' islam at times. but i dont hate muslims.and i call all muslims here to make this a war between ideas and not something personal.dont run around with a sword...that is not an argument!

And just to let you know, some (i repeat ..some) fundamentalists (haabees) are pedos and they DO believe it is justified in islam.you just seem to be so ignorant about these guys.i know better because ive been one of them and have friends among them.you dont know just how backwards some of them are.parents willingly give away 12 year old daughter to a 50 year old guy.these things happen in haabee circles.ive seen it!

Mohamed said...


i know what u mean
i wasnt that much of a muslim but i used to work with a lot of fanatics

thats actually a major reason y im an atheist