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04 January 2009

What it's Like to be an Atheist

most people dont understand y atheists r frustrated by religion & religious people
so heres an article with the terminology u might be able to corp with

Santa & the Atheist
read full story here

(this takes place in a world where they believe Santa is real )

Picture your life unfolding in this world: As a child you also believe in Santa because your parents told you to, but as you grow up you become skeptical, some things just don't seem to add up. By the time you're six or seven years-old, you start asking legitimate questions like "How does Santa get down the little chimney, how does Santa get the time to visit each house, how does Santa know the kids who've been good from the ones who've been bad" and so forth. These questions elicit first strangely evasive answers devoid of content and a general sense of unease among the adults you're asking. Over the next few years that moves onto reactions of scorn, patronizing insults, and open hostility. But never, ever one single answer that holds up over time.

Finally you come to suspect there is a real possibility that there is no literal Santa Claus at the North Pole with a toy factory run by elves and flying reindeer. You began gently asking other folks about your concern. But, when you confide in a few of your most trusted friends and closest family members that the whole Santa idea is a nice sentiment to be sure, but it doesn't make much rational sense and there is no evidence for it, the reaction ranges from puzzlement, to pity, to shock, to anger, to open accusations and implications that you're some kind of mental defective for even wondering about it.

You don't understand what's going on, none of this Santa stuff makes any sense and there's zero evidence for it, why can't everyone just admit that? What's the big conspiracy about? Why is everyone pretending there really is a Santa? Then it slowly dawns on you, around age ten or eleven ... the chilling, horrible truth:

They're Not Pretending. They REALLY Do Believe There Is a Santa Claus. (lmao at this point XD)

Egads! Holy Shit! You suddenly feel a little bit lonely at age sixteen as you come to realize that you may surrounded by fully grown adults who are delusional incompetents that cannot distinguish fiction from fact and are enthralled by some kind of massive group hysteria! They're most of them all like that! And they all think you're nuts for not buying into their delusion! What the hell is wrong with these fucking people, can't they see how crazy this shit is? ......(continue to full story)


think about it

only one (or non) of u can be right so a major part of the worlds population is obviously crazy u have to admit that, its just simple math


Blaise Pascal said...

The truth is no one can say with a 100% certainty that a God does or doesn't exist. God either does exist or He doesn't.

And unlike Santa Claus, your disbelief in God (if God does exist) can be pretty nasty.

Mohamed said...

hey Pascal u r forgetting the other religions
& this is about atheist, not about proving god doesn't exists

Blaise Pascal said...

Atheism by definition is the lack of belief in the existence of God. Thus, by an Atheist I believe you are referring to anyone that completely lacks the belief in a God.

By harboring the belief in God doesn't necessarily have to imply he/she is following a religion.

Like I have mentioned before, no one can with a 100% certainty say that a God exist or that He doesn't exist. And by harboring the belief in God you have nothing to lose, whether He exist or He doesn't. But if you don't believe in God, and say He does exist all I can say is "Watch out"

Mohamed said...

same to u too

if u want to argue about my lack of beliefs read this


& by atheist i mean weak n strong atheists (though i thing strong atheists r just as nutty as religious people)

Blaise Pascal said...

Let me quote one phrase you wrote "the idea some intelligent being creating all this out of nothing & judges us on how we behave is same as the idea of pink unicorns & fairies"

Again lack of belief in Pink Unicorns or fairies has no consequences, unlike that of God. And if God did create you, who are you to pass judgment on how He does things.

However am not arguing about your lack of belief in a God. But rather pointing out what lack of belief in a God might entail.

I admire your bravery Soldier.

Mohamed said...

thanx :D

ignorance is a bliss if u want to believe something without evidence

good luck trying to trick ur way into gods good grace(not necessarily u, but pascal wager)

just out of curiosity, which god did u bet on to be real?

Blaise Pascal said...

If you do study biochemistry or molecular biology, you are very likely to come across evidence of an intelligent designer behind these living organisms. It could be God, or it could have been by a another civilization some where in the universe that evolved by probably some kind of Darwinian means to a very high level of technology that designed us and seeded us here on this planet.

Do you know for certain? How we came into being? How life originated? No you don't and am not going to pretend that I know the answer.

If there is indeed a God that created me, I am most certainly putting my bet on Him.

Anonymous said...

"But if you don't believe in God, and say He does exist all I can say is "Watch out""


Y shud an atheist 'watch out'?

Anonymous said...

"lack of belief in Pink Unicorns or fairies has no consequences, unlike that of God."

Why? Is God going to do something? How do we know?

same anon as above

Anonymous said...

@Blaise: "If you do study biochemistry or molecular biology, you are very likely to come across evidence of an intelligent designer behind these living organisms."

Dude, you got your facts grossly wrong. Where we couldn't find the "intermediate" fossils, it was molecular biology which came to Evolutions rescue and proved beyond doubt that life evolved by gradual process of evolution and natural selection and that the cosmos itself looks like it does today due to gradual change; nothing whatsoever to do with an intelligent designer.

And well, how do you answer this question: did God create himself?

This "existence" is something created out of nothing? Dude, read some books on quantum mechanics. Nothing solid, material, or hard exists! All this as well might be vaccums of empty space. We, and everything that "physically exists" around is the very natural laws itself! If you cant use a bit of imagination, dig this: the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter is equal to pi whether God exists or not. It's what we call a "natural law."

And you want to bet on which God exists in the hearafter? It could be Zeus, it could be Baal. Now wouldn't you have to be careful if you choose to align yourself with Jesus, Allah or Brahma in this life? Now wouldnt that piss off Zeus or Baal?

And because we dont have enough information to verify that a god exists, or if he exists which god it is, doesn't it occur to you that this god has to be an extremely unjust, unfair if he sought to punish us when he knows he didnt give us enough information in the first place to believe in him?

Blaise Pascal said...

I am not talking about fossils or "Intermediate fossils" for that matter here, nor am I denying evolutionary steps that living organisms might have passed through.

The question is how did the first organism on planet Earth came into being? As a molecular biologist, who have attended formal lectures on the subject I most certainly can tell you this much; there are signatures of an intelligent designer in these molecular systems. Like I have mentioned it might be by an alien civilization that had evolved to a very level of technology that created the organisms you see here and planted them on this planet. Or it could be a number of other possibilities. No one can tell with absolute certainty how it all happened.

mohamed said...

u can eliminate the religions but u cant remove the concept of god
so in the end its a personal choice

thats the difference between me & Blaise
theres no 100% either way so theres no point arguing about it

im assuming Blaise is an agnostic theist while im an agnostic atheist

Simon said...

Even if there is a God or some being, we have no business with it.

The pascal's wager assumes God is an angry tyrant with a fetish for torture, which is probably why the commenter Blaise Pascal thinks disbelief in God, should he ultimately exist "can be pretty nasty". What a joke!

As I said we have nothing to do with God or any creator.

Hilath said...

I agree with Simon's argument. Many people are quite taken in by Blaise Pascal's "argument" -- if we can even call it an argument in the first place!

Richard Dawkins explained it (the way Simon had) in his book "The God Delusion" and exposed how stupid Pascal's Wager is. It's a no-brainer really. Beats me why intelligent people even think it's an argument at all.

Battyboy said...

I believe if I am a bad boy I will go to hell and have my ass raped all night long. That's what I believe and if you think its a joke, keep it for yourself cause am sure whatever you believe is as much as based on a blinder faith than mine

Anonymous said...

You are wrong Battyboy. We are not believing things where there is a lack of evidence or logic. In other words, we don't accept things by blind faith just because someone tells us it is so!

We are not fundamentalist or extremist in our beliefs. If scientific evidence emerges today that proves evolution is wrong, we would be the first to abandon it and look for new explanations.

So you can say that we rather lack absolute belief in absolute answers which is quite different from the case of blind followers of religions, or fundamentalists and extremists in all religions, who don't give a shit about evidence or rational thinking.

Anonymous said...

not that we are crazy, i dont know i do believe that there is a maker to everything, if i can make a glass to drink water i am a maker too, but if i cant make anything i wouldnt believe that there is a maker of everything else that exists around me.

the problem with the majority is that majority cannot accept the minority, but the manority has the wit or confidence into accepting the majorities opinions because they are free thinkers and they have big hearts to take bigs things and majority doesnt have space left in their hearts to take little things.

mohamed said...

& the problem with the maker theory is there has to be a start
so my point is y not stick with the things we know instead of makin random assumptions

as for the minority comment
it was a minority who first thought the world is round

"I believe in God, only I spell it Nature"

Cute Dude said...

Perhaps the problem is that we tend to think God in human terms. Nature is a better word because when we use the word Nature we tend not to think God as some being who is interested whether we have gay sex or not and is interested in punishing us for something that humans consider natural but for Nature (God) which has ingrained in us. Hence, minorities like we gays have to suffer in this world because of considering God more in human terms than in Nature terms.