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10 January 2009

Pascals wager

wiki link - Pascals wager
this is a post about the comments on the previous post
ok batty boy & Blaise Pascal
lets say if u dont get anally raped 100 times in ur life god said he'll poke a spike through ur ass & out ur mouth & roast u like a shish kabab everyday for all eternity

will u get anally raped 100 times?

also if enough people dont get raped
sometime in the future a huge wave is gonna wash away the unholy from maldives!!

will u believe me
pascal wager recommends that u should get ur ass raped

im just blurting out random shit here & u r a retard if u think everything anyone says is the absolute truth
all u can do is evaluate what to believe with the knowledge u gain & find a way to coexist

u just cant assume some random shit to be true
& u cant expect everyone to follow ur faith

gotta ask how many of u actually thought about y u believe in god

think of y u dont believe in other religions & ull know y i dont believe in ur religion


Hilath said...

Heheh. Madagascar 2 captures irrational human thinking well. I guess that's humans downfall. Though we are intelligent we are social animals and therefore we tend to go with the herd and embrace what a Gothic Maldivian friend of mine calls the "herd mentality."

Battyboy said...

I be absolutely delighted to have my ass raped 100 times or even more than to have a spike poked through my ass & out my mouth and roasted like a shish kebab everyday for eternity.

On another note, if you look into human male anatomy you would see that the Gräfenberg spot can only be stimulated through their anus. If you have no idea what I am talking about (and if you are a Male) lay back, put legs against your chest, so that your anus would be open and gently stroke your anal region with your fingers before probing in one finger gently inside you, do it slow. Go deep, till you can feel small hard bump now gently stimulate it with you finger, and go a bit hard on it till you reach this powerful orgasmic climax. In case your ass hole is a bit dry you can use some lube it helps.

This my friend is not faith but fact.

mohamed said...

haha what ever floats ur boat
wonder what Blaise Pascal thinks

u know thats a good point to bring up to the intelligent design theory

good luck to u & ur ass :D

Garrison said...

You believe in the beginning we were all fish....Swimming around in the water... And then one day a couple of fish had a retard baby, and the retard baby was different, so it got to live...So Retard Fish goes on to make more retard babies, and then one day, a retard baby fish crawled out of the ocean with its mutant fish hands... and it had buttsex with a squirrel or something and made a retard frog-squirrel, and then that had a retard baby which was a...monkey fish-frog...And then this monkey fish-frog had buttsex with that monkey, and...that monkey had a mutant retard baby that screwed another monkey and...that made you!

You're the retarded offspring of five monkeys havin' buttsex with a fish-squirrel!

mohamed said...

if u take 1 + 2 that equal to 3 which means there 3 ice cream scoops which u can put in one cone, in hot sun it could melt fast also its actually a real good treat for a hot sunny day.....

that is called "totally out of the topic"

Garrison said...

The very essence of your question, as to why anyone would believe in a God lies in how an individual answers how life came into being?

Your lack of belief in a God or an intelligent designer lies completely on your belief that you are a retard offspring of 5 monkeys having butt sex with fish-squirrel. And how that is irrelevant to the topic is beyond me.

Mohamed said...

this has nothing to do with evolution

if u just believe in god i understand that - its simply saying 'the universe is beyond my understating'

but when it comes to religion it claims to know what is happening & what will happen
making up silly rules to dictate society, going up against rational thinking
what im saying is with pascals wager u cant dictate those rules

i specifically said this post was about the comments on the previous post

like when battyboy said
"I believe if I am a bad boy I will go to hell and have my ass raped all night long"

dont know if he was joking or not but its a statement some what similar to the religious ideologies out there

& i actually dont have a problem with Blaise Pascal
he was just stating out the fact its a possibility & so is a lot of things

y bother with a god pretending not to exist is my answer

Mohamed said...

& im not claiming to know how we came into existence
u r the one doing that

if i have to take a guess on how life formed in earth my best guess would be evolution
if that happens to be disproved then i would say i dont know &
not God did it!

Garrison said...

Firstly, let me state here I trust the scientific accuracy of theories of Micro and Macro Evolution.

However, I have my doubts on the explanations brought forward so far on how life came into being, and denying them doesn't even mean I am going against science.

Cause any scientist with respect for the concept and principles of a scientific methodology would acknowledge the fact the current explanations on how life came into being are not scientific.

Anyhow, are you familiar with the concept of "Causality"? Scientist have some idea on causality, but so far, none of the ideas been made it into a coherent scientific theory. In other words; Science is based on empirical testing. That means we examine things, examine how actions cause reaction, and then pour that data into a workable formula. We can examine the ratio of how things interact trough that method, we can also find out when things do, and when they don't work. But we can't find out why things are correlated!

Meaning our current scientific knowledge on causality leaves more then enough room for divine powers to be at the source of placing life here on earth.

mohamed said...

how many times should i say this is not about evolution

fact of the matter is no one knows for a 100%

so for arguments sake
lets say u just convinced me that evolution is wrong
that doesn't make god did it right
that doesn't make me a slave to ur imaginary friend unless u got at least 80% proof that ur imaginary friend & his rules is not imaginary

so again y bother with a god pretending to not exist

also i dont think divine power or god, exists in scientific terms maybe "x" but not god

Garrison said...

Let us say for the sake of argument that as an extreme example tomorrow every single little thing that falls under biological evolution turns out to be true!

Even in the worst case scenario that all turns out to be true, intelligent design (ID) still 'rescues' religion. Like I said before our current scientific knowledge on causality still leaves more then enough room for divine powers to be at the source of it. So from that viewpoint of science, a God that creates species in a metaphysical was is just as miraculous as a God creating them trough his habitual enforcement of physical law.

mohamed said...

i think ive already said i dont know how we came into existence
whether its god, unicorns, fairies or bananas
i dont know!!
the thing im arguing about is how all these religions claim the know divine rules we must follow or well be tortured for all eternity

if want to argue about y i dont believe in god
heres the link

Garrison said...

"gotta ask how many of u actually thought about y u believe in god" Mohamed

Is that a presumptuous rhetorical punchline or a genuine question?

If it indeed is a question, I have explained to you why I believe with the scientific knowledge amassed to-date that I believe there might be a God.

Good night,

P.S. its been quiet entertaining talking to you, even though you seem a bit annoyed.

mohamed said...

haha well what i said was "HOW MANY" all u have say was yes & i believe (it was more a rhetorical question)

got all miss understood because u were commenting in the wrong post

i thought u were arguing about y u believe in religion
the answers u gave were good but it had no relevance to religion (laws)or to the post - u can see why i got frustrated

as i said before i have no problem with people just believing in god
its the fixed set of rules i have a problem with