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05 April 2009

Adhaalath's prayers came true!!!

unfortunately it came in the form of a tornado


Anonymous said...

Cool tornado. Quite a display.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

your death is geting near

mohamed said...

ooh im sure of it :D

i just dont create fairy tale lands because of it

Mohamed said...

oh n mind if i ask y u r wishing for my death or want to see me die?

moyameehaa said...

dude, ur getting this all wrong.first when they prayed people disbelieved and mocked the pious believers. it got worse when it just drizzled for few minutes only in male'. after that happened, disbelievers like you started mocking the believers. then...then.. god wanted to show how much rain he can send if he wants. he wanted the message to be clear.people to understand that it could be really strong.and if anyone got hurt because of that, it is either because they disbelieved or to test their faith.

and did you hear about a sand storm in saudi arabia. maybe it was god's wrath for the crack down on the shiah muslims. maybe khomeini is the one on the right path. we should all convert to shiah islam.


The Shadowrunner said...

Come on. Allah was obviously pissed off with the continous whining he was getting. Damn, he couldn't even take a damn BATH in peace without DJ Baree harrassing him with his SMS's begging for rain.

This is a message from God, telling those hypocrite beardies to SHUT THE FUCK UP AND REMOVE THEMSELVES FROM THE GENE POOL.

mohamed said...

since when have we ever seen a tornado near Maldives

first sent a little rain that a few notice as f#@k u to adhaalath

now the big guy is pissed when they claimed their wish came true

either its an incompetent god , not their god or there is no god

one way or the other adhaalath is f#@ked