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24 June 2009

my fav muslim blogger

Ibn Khattab

this is my favorite muslim the muslim i want every muslim to be like (if u cant handle it quit pretending to be one)
he doesn't pretend to be peaceful if u fuck with him he is gonna cut off ur head & its the islamic way

im so happy to see a muslim who knows n believes islam is violent, sadistic & accept it a 100%

sure he'll justify things like -hypothetically
"well if we dont rape them they wont where a buruga- & god really wants them to where moonu buruga"
he will accept rape is wrong but its allowed in Islamic so its right
this is a model citizen in the islamic way


Anonymous said...

the Fred Phelps of Islam.

Anonymous said...

i'd pay to see saccharine jasmine and suicidal khattab mud wrestle. too bad she's not around.

nass-fan said...

Ibn Khattab is the new Nass, only a bit radical. Lets see the clash between Arabiguiter and Khattab.

This is going to be one fun ride...

Anonymous said...

I saw Shadowruuner and Yaamyn commenting to that blog. What's the point if Ibn Khattab believes that Islam was sent by God not to the common people but to a few scholars for interpretation? Khattab doesn't know when he commits shirk himself. A great 'Muslim' indeed.

- Aishath Beyonce -

Ibn Khattab said...

Aishath Beyonce,

Where did I say Islam was only sent to a few scholar? Don't lie against me.

But the reality is that the lay Muslim does not have the ability to do things such as tafseer and grade ahadith.

Show me where I am committing Shirk? Please be specific rather than making vague statements such as you have done.

nass-fan said...


I think you are committing shark, not shirk

atheist community of maldives said...

ooh Ibn Khattab i love u


The Shadowrunner said...

He had a good defense, up front. But in the end, like all my previous opponents, he has been defeated.