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31 July 2009

Now this is a f#@king joke

First of all I don’t drink or do any drugs & rarely smoke

I met some guys from Maldives who drinks n stuff we were hanging out & the subject of suicide came up, what the guy said was if anyone commit suicide they will keep on dying repeatedly for all eternity! like a ton of bricks it hit me im the ONLY guy not drinkin & am an atheist yet everyone there (most of em) considered themselves muslim… seriously wtf!!!

understanding a religious mindset is beyond me

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe." -Albert Einstein


Anonymous said...

Alcohol and Islam. Two non-overlapping magisteria.

Stewie said...

i know!
hypocracy!or innocent ignorance! or simply stupid? i dono!
i have friends who drink, do drugs day in day out, but when i say anything about religion, boy do they get a kick!
I donot drink hard liquor and sparkling stuff, cause its not good for my health. I wouldn't say no to a old, vintaged wine. but i don't drink to get pissed, but rather accompany a good meal!

Another thing is i do not eat pork, not because some old men or a god from skies told me to, but because of the inhumane practice that goes in to the process of meat process. As long as we have other options, how on earth can they treat animals that way. im not a vegan or anything, but i'd like to be careful and only for survival purpose i'd kill animal and eat them.

May be if prophets taught people to be compassionate and care abt other earthlings, we would not have bacon, or pork eating sinners who would go to hell:(lo

Hilath said...

Good one!

My thoughts on this were too long so I wrote a blog post about this:

Islam: The convenient safety net for unthinking Maldivians


Zedey said...

Why did God ban drinking? Or was it done by Mo, who didn't like Abu Jahulu enjoying himself when pissed?

mohamed said...

actually i understand the ban on drinking
some people just cant control themselves

but have to say drunk girls r fun

Zedey said...

Girls can be fun even when they are not drunk and more fun for the Haabees, as they can take them on as Jaariya's.