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03 August 2009

What r u a Christian??!

u know I was once called a Christian by some religious fanatic
man it was a slap to may face, fucking insulting
though that guy was seriously insane (some what like ibn khattab)

but some of them seriously believe If we stop being a muslim we turn Christian
do they think after leaving an indoctrination like islam we would want to join another similar cult (with much more flaws than islam- in my opinion)
r they so caught up in the quran & praying that they forgot that it’s a fact there just might not be a god, seriously r they that small minded that they cant comprehend the idea if a universe without a god
all they have to do is replace the name "god" with an x (something yet unknown)


Anonymous said...

Ibn Kattab is a fictional writer created by Hilath Rasheed, who used to write in now deleted blogs "IslamMaldives" and "MaldivesIslam" who shares with words outrages fundamentalist Islamic viewpoints promoting suicide bombing and the Burkha, denouncing any form of relation with a non-Muslim.

Stewie said...

this is very true! i noticed this years ago too! the only thing these people know is islam and christianity (if they are thinking abt religion).
bro, these people are very very uneducated, less informed who does not have frame of reference more than a 10yr old school boy.
Since they do not have information, (we think using inferential logic or information), they can only think within their limited, very limited knowledge. Informing the masses and education is the only way to get rid of these stupidity.

mohamed said...

@ anon
fictional or not the guy im talkin about was very real
if he found out im an atheist im pretty sure he'll cut off my head

Hilath said...

Maldivians have been taught that religion is such an integral part of life they think that a person who has left all religions will be living a pointless life, much as the same way as a free spirit who chose not to marry and not to have children. They can't imagine a life without religion so they think that if someone like you left Islam, you must have automatically converted to Christianity.

It is a problem with education. Maldivians should be given a heavy doze of science and philosophy so that at least alternate viewpoints will be understood and tolerated. Then only will they learn that truth is only relative and subjective. The only absolute answer is the one that one has; for the other person it is just relative and subjective truth.

Anonymous said...

defenition of god is "the thing that can not be defined"

i get really irritated with people who think religions give moral values to people. and if one does not believe in all this shit that is fed, that person might as well run in the streets naked. WTF? i think religiously committed people are more likely to run in the streets naked! gee!~

Fook Mi said...

Maldivians are so stupid, wonder how many of them know whether to use a differential or an integral to find the area under curve

Oriyaan Kaleyge said...

Anonymous (11:09PM)

What the fuck is wrong with running naked on the streets?

Mauloof Ahmed said...

Hello Freethink mv

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