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11 August 2009

God & his bright idea

In the beginning god created man & gave him freewill
later on god got bored of inventing stuff & wanted his most note worthy creation to worship him day in day out
so he got an idea “ill inspire one of them (who has free will) to write a book with the important message- worship me n believe in me with a 100% or burn in hell for all eternity” along with some vague prophecy of the future & past (prehistoric age wasnt important)

Surely his perfect creations would be trustworthy enough with an important message like this….

First try – Damn fucking jews!!
Second try – Jesus u r stealing my thunder!!
Third try – wtf is wrong with these people!!

(& these three mother fuckers r dividing into multiple subgroups)

If only god knew this would happen … wait doesn’t he know everything??

can u seriously believe in a god that chose to communicate in such a flawed manner

I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who has endowed us with sense, reason, and intellect has intended us to forgo their use.
~ Galileo Galilei~


Zariyandhu said...

God did not create "Man" in the beginning, if you have been keeping yourself up-to-date with the fossil studies done within the past few decades you would know that us Humans were created long after the beginning. When God created Man and Woman He did gave Man and the Woman a choice whether to obey or disobey Him; and the Man and the Woman choose to disobey Him by eating the apple. This lead God to throw them out of Heaven. Man and the Woman repented and begged God to let them back in the Heaven. God choose to allow them back in if they can win a little game. He the God then sent the Man and the Woman to Earth to play the game. If they win they get back in Heaven, if they lose they be eternally burned in Hell.

Anonymous said...

You sounds like you have a huge pile of dirty laundry that you don't want to do

mohamed said...

ooh how can i be soo wrong on this earth is god's invention zoo

& u missed this, the "game" didnt have rules ..well supernatural rules until the prophets came

yep im surrounded by religious n im pissed off but i cant express it

Anonymous said...

i have often thought the sameway! now when it all is thoughtout, the whole thing is so f**king stupid.
Its too simple to understand!isn't it! you've got to be 7 yr old to believe in these weired stuff people do believe today. im not just talking abt the concept of god, all these pseudo-science ideas, astorology, and all the rest of it.
bck to God, which happens to be the central issue for any man on earth apparently. First of all, WHAT? God created heaven and hell! what kind of social life does he have? So God created man and heaven & hell for the day of Judgement (the word JUDGEMENT is so un like god) and plays with their heads... WHAT! what is wrong with him. Does not sound live a divine planner to me. does not sound like a superior intelligent being! it sounds more like a HUMAN being who conceived all these ideas to escape his fears.

But you can't tell them they are wrong. I would not have listened to anyone who said i was wrong, i would be more resistant then. You got to let them find it out for themselves. Perhaps they'd die without knowing it. But let it be. On the otherhand, yes we got to do something abt the growing bigotry in this sick society.

mohamed said...

hehe thats y im not saying they r wrong
im just asking questions & stating the facts
its the Socrates way of revealing the truth

but maybe i got a little arrogant on this
anyway thnx for the comment :D

Anonymous said...

The recent communication problem in the govt. parallels a Middle eastern political problem. Even without a God, we'll find some excuse to fight. But bringing in God makes it easier.

Anonymous said...

College of Isl Studies: Palestine
I.R. Moosa - PNA president
Students - Deluded youth fighting for hamas and fatah

Male' Municipalty: Israel
Adam Manik - Israeli PM
Gangs - Israeli Defense Forces

Plot of land/wall = Temple Mount/Aqsa mosque

Anonymous said...

The Govt = Allah

Anonymous said...

God gave you clues its up to you to search for them or be oblivious to them, the game continues whether you like it or not.

mohamed said...

@anon 4:47
what if i said there is a supernatural monkeys crapping on ur head & u had to take a shower 10 times a day?
if u dont u have to eat that shit for all eternity
what would ur response be to that

the game continues even if u believe me or not

Yaamyn said...

Hello Mohamed,

You're right.

Socrates' method is always the best method.

Asking questions is always better than trying to give answers.

When there are people who are afraid of asking questions, how will they ever come up with an answer?!

Zedey said...

I wonder how many Maldivians actually believe in this 'messed' up theory... Would be good if you guys could organise and challenge people like DJ Majeed and DJ Bilal worshippers like Ali Rameez Bin Qasim...
They are destroying our nation!

bluebooze said...

your post wasn't arrogant at all :)

my instinct has always pushed me to question and doubt. it not my fault if my logic and reasoning cannot see eye to eye with these manmade superstitions...i think atheists and agnostics have a better moral ground than these so called righteous people..