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31 August 2009

Only god knows

I personally don’t believe in a god, what im writing here is just my thought process & im not asking anyone to believe in or not believe in anything

Existence- if god is real

Personal amusement
Now this option is very likely if something like one of the Abrahamic religion is actually true, think of it like a tv series its always about some sort of conflict & idiotic things happening – the crazier u act the happier god gets
God picks different people n tell them different things n they all gets confused n fight over which one is right some of them saying growing a beard will get u into heaven

Ever changing force of creation
Now this is quite interesting, god as force of invention something that creates thing & is always changing something like the force behind the universe, physics-

For argument sake lets say god intentionally “created“ humans & put us on earth to test us & parts of the Abrahamic religions is true

The test

What is he testing us for, do we look in ourselves for an explanation or do we look in our surrounding, id say both
We r the dominant species, we can be greed, lie, manipulate, torture, destroy, we can even destroy ourselves, we r free to do whatever..

So lets rewind back to our “creation”, god created us & told everyone to kneel down to us!! We were the dominant species there too

God does not interfere god does not show us miracles God is like a non existent thing

So again here is the question “what is our god testing us for?”
im not gonna give u what my conclusion would be but i certainly dont believe in a god who would ask us not to think for ourselves & have blind faith in a 1400 year old manuscript

I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who has endowed us with sense, reason, and intellect has intended us to forgo their use.
~ Galileo Galilei ~


Stewie said...


bluebooze said...

exactly :)

I follow ... the Message. said...

Hoping I/you/we get the answer to your question before our life in this world ends.


Therefore http://knowourtrueenemy.blogspot.com/2009/07/therefore-glorify-name-of-our-lord.html

My advice is "we shall never forget that Mankind/ Children of Adam’s true enemy is Iblis/ Satan/ Shaitan/ Devil!" http://knowourtrueenemy.blogspot.com/2008/03/know-our-true-enemy.html

The Shadowrunner said...

The original sin was the tree of Knowledge.

Thus, god was a sinister overlord who wished to keep his creations in ignorance and bliss.

Mr. Karma said...

There cosmic truth shall dis-revel and dissolve the religions that operate solely on their ever growing egos.

James said...

Excellent points.

Please see:


And share your views.

Anonymous said...

besides copying and posting crap from atheistic websites, why don't you write from your own brain...

Demm Ahum said...

i did write this u freaking idiot!!!

use ur brain for once