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16 September 2009

The myth about pedophiles

People don’t realize that there is no such thing as pedophiles… well not in islam anyway
There is the problem with premarital sex & gays but there r no pedophile problems in islam
Having sex before they get their first menstrual cycle is completely wrong & no muslim would ever do that, that would make them a pedophile
BUT its ok to marry her around 6 & I think its ok to look at that child naked n ask them to give u hand jobs n stuff ..but u cant penetrate her till her first menstrual cycle (only a non muslim would do that)

Guide to recovering pedophiles (in islam)

First u have to realize premarital & gay sex is wrong
Be religious get a good job & get security in ur life
Find a poor family
pick a child of ur flavor
promise them she would be taken good care of
ask for her hand in marriage or get her as a concubine (if they r not so religious)

no burses (emotional don’t count) ,no broken bones & no anal
u r good to go

**btw im not talking about the prophet

after adam n eve got a child they had incest
that doesn’t mean we have the right to fuck our kids!!!

....I feel sick for having to write this

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Anonymous said...

i feel sick even reading this...but you are damn right to write this. even if it makes me feel sick, bringing it out into the open will save children. Thank You.