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09 August 2009

Message to dhive-seh

to dhive-seh
U seem to be real eager to argue over faults of bilal philips
Well heres the news for u, finding fault in BILAL PHILLIPS is as important as the mosquito buzzing outside my window, if it don’t mess with me I got no problem with it

think of it this way, say that a kid is rambling on about how his imaginary super pal is perfectly logical, paradox free & has to exists, Would u spend even 15 minutes analyzing his word & the so called “proof”

I didn’t even watch it I spent that time playing Sudoku

By- mindless blogger :D
(hope this makes ur day a little brighter)


Anonymous said...

Free thinker, you think free so much that you have even forgotten how you came to this world. So u just blabber on and on whatever that comes to your mind. You don't know whats right and wrong.

But the day is close. You will wake up to the truth and we wont be laughing at you. we will grieve on you.

mohamed said...

if u remember how u came into this world then im the invisible pink unicorn

well thank u for saying u will grieve for me
i will grieve for u too if any other religion is true :D

Anonymous said...

atleast we are not setting people on fire, just because they don't believe in us:D!
my god has a bigger dick than your god! thats all it is. all this fuss, all this nonsense on the purpose of existence,. well what if there is no purpose in life, not real meaning.. oooh that is frightening and very selfless. We are very selfish and can't imagine a life without a god given purpose (mostly to kill infidels).. but hey,we shouldn't be trying to find or create a real meaning of this beautiful brief moment of existence, instead of killing over it..

Mr. Karma said...

We need more free thinkers like you. Nice post. I'm gonna follow you mindless blogger :D

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Mohamed said...

@ anon 4:33

sorry i had to delete ur comment
i treat people as how i expect(wish) people to treat me

so please dont use my blog to reveal identities of someone who wants to remain hidden