please dont view this blog if u r not comfortable with me criticizing or insulting ur god/religion

29 March 2009

can i be a muslim & hate god? o.O

is it ok to curse at god? (if im a muslim)

like say "u bastard u didnt make enough rain last friday"

i would very much like to be that kinda muslim ^_^


Anonymous said...

god would understand our frustrations. he's not petty like maumoon who can't take criticism...

singamaraja said...

Singamaraja reading your blogs

sara4islam said...

peace be up on you
sure NO!!!!!
why do you need to hate god ???
being muslim
means a prayer for god and love god tell me why should you hate god he is so mercifull

demm ahum said...

God TORTURES people for ETERNITY if they dont pick the right religion!!
which meaning if u r born into the wrong religion u r screwed FOR ETERNITY

do u call that "merciful" - do u know what that means