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16 March 2009

Is Anni, Majeed’s Bitch?

Cant believe they allowed sites to banned just like that
Before u know it torrent & social network sites would come down

But banning simon’s site means they have lost the intellectual battle now they r gonna resort to violence/bulling tactics
It was a non religious site from a normal guy with his thoughts
& banning that which means “don’t think! just do what we say!!”
What a democracy this is
Got some interesting days ahead of us

All I can say is



Anonymous said...

(Sung to Britney Spear's Gimme More)
You filthy bitch
I hear you.
And I just wanna give my voice to you

Everytime I read the paper.
There seems to be something really wrong 'bout you.
You're starving for attention.
And that's why you do the fucked up things you do.

Inviting writers like some free speech supporter
The next thing? You block some websites
Camera's are flashing, while you're getting a spanking
From none other than, the fundie Mullahs

Now your fans are saying:

"Anni is a whore, filthy whore, filthy, filthy whore!"
"Anni is a toy, monkey toy, monkey, monkey toy!"
"Don't like him no more, Please dethrone that retarted whore!"
"Anni is a whore, filthy whore, filthy, filthy whore!"

Zero carbon emmissions.
Linking the islands with a magic bridge
I'll bet you'll cure the economy
Just print some monies, and raise our salaries.
You can dream big, but that wont make a prez.
You're best suited, for angry protests
Thanks to your drinking, the votes you are losin.
I'm embarrased, you're worse than Gayoom (almost)

Guys in yellow sing:
"Anni is a bore, crazy bore, crazy crazy bore
Anni is a bo, ganjabo, ganja ganja bo
Don't like him no mo, pls dethrone that retarted whore
Anni is a whore, filthy whore filthy filthy whore!"

Anni: "Bet u didnt see this one coming
The incredicle DJ
The legendary Dr. Majeed Baaree
and the unstoppable Adhaalth gang.
Ah, you gonna have to remove me
Coz i aint going nowhere"

Anonymous said...

Very creative song. You have hit right on target. I wouldn't support the MDP anymore.

Yaamyn said...

A cursory glance at the Maldive Blogosphere shows that Anni has lost massive support thanks to DJ Majeed's adventures.

I've lost all respect and sympathy for the Government of the Maldives.

I've also created a Facebook group to discuss ways to ban the Adhaalath bastards.. you may join it here :

The Shadowrunner said...

I've lost all respect for them, what with their "punish the victim" mentality.

Anonymous said...

I HATE these self-acclaimed “Priesthood of Muslims” called Adhaalath!The only reason they supported Anni(whom most of them regard as an “infidel” in secret!)was their greed to become the exclusive&ultimate authority on ALL of our nation’s religious matters.It is not just him-they think the rest of us are ignorant,stupid lambs in need of punishment&guidance that can only be issued by them.The next thing we see,they will be giving out/selling “blessings” in their unique “islamic” way.Selfish hypocrites!They will be doing their best to replace our moderate way of life with their fanaticism&extremism.