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31 March 2009

forgive me for my sins

my life is just one fuck up to another
from an abusive childhood to a social outcast
please Allah almighty please forgive me for my sins
this is where my loveless life had lead me & I cant take anymore of it
seeing the razor in front of me I can barely hold my self from cutting
surrounded by happy muslims with their loved ones just amplifies my empty life with no knowledge no truth just my bitter tongue to create conflict
the only reason i have this blog is to get some form of attention

only thing keeping me from killing myself was my love for him
unfortunately last week I confessed my love for him….
Not only did he reject me but he felt the need to beat me up
2 broken ribs & a swollen face ………am I that much of an abomination
I shouldn’t have been born I should just disappear from the face of the earth

Please Allah forgive me for the sin I am yet to commit
laa ilaaha illAllah Muhammadur rasool Allah

happy april fools
enjoy the gay atheist muslim wannabe suicide note


Anonymous said...

You are giving up hope too easily.

As for love, you can't expect the first or even the second person you propose to to accept love.

How you can narrow down to persons who might potentially accept your love is see some kind of signs or vibes first before you propose your love. Don't propose to a person just because you are in love unless there is very good reason to do it.

4ajja said...


Life is a bicycle ride, u don't know when you are going to have an accident, or how many times you will fall or how many stops you take before you reach your destination.
what it takes is some courage, no matter how many times you fall, never to look back and move on with confidence.
For me what guided through my life is faith. faith which gave me light,hopes. Helped me through toughest situations.
And the feeling of faith in my heart is difficult to describe because it gives me some kind of unshakable confidence.

Anonymous said...

I have a son with the same problem. At first I thought he was just jealous of the attention his baby sister was getting and decided to become a gay. After all he dresses up in his sister's tight tops and wears make-up and lip synchs to Britney and Kylie's songs. I told him to pray to Allah to rid him of this unnatural behaviour. My husband even tried tying him up and beating him so that he'd be a little more manly. But all in vain. He kept saying that he was born that way! Why would Allah do that to anyone? I confess I watched a lesbian porno when he was in my womb, but I repented and fasted 5 weeks for that, so that must not be it. Besides I was not born a homosexual, neither was my husband. So its ridiculous to claim that anyone was born that way.

So we concluded that he was lying to us. But why? He's such a good boy and he never told a lie before. Then we realised it could have been a gay jinni that has been possessing him. We immediatly contacted a fanditha man who confirmed our assumptions. The fanditha man did a lot for our son, but I can't quite say what. He always locked us out and required a lot of vaseline for every session. Obviously he didn't want the gay jinni to come out and possess one of us.

Since this method didnt work either, we are now consulting with a psychiatrist who has put us in contact with a good Imam. I suggest you come talk to the Imam too. Suicide is not the answer. Remember people who kill themselves will go to Hell too. We're meeting the Imam outside Bandaara miskiy today after Ishaa. Hope you will join us. The power of the Allah's word will surely cure you if nothing else.

Umm Liwaat (Rugiyya)

(btw if u don't believe in gay jinnis, then here's a demonstration of an exorcism. Its very scary, so pls be warned.)


Anonymous said...

Now you have pissed Yahweh, Krishna and Moses by playing your silly Aprils fool prayer to just the Muslim God

Anonymous said...

Dear FreeThink
You must forgive yourself as you forgive others.
Love yourself by respecting yourself. You represent a uniquness that cause you to exist in this world. You are here to believe. You are here to deserve love as you give to others (even though you may not get it readily). Value yourself. Stand up. Be aware. Live in the present. Be assertive. May Allah Bless You

Anonymous said...

it would be funny if it were not true. unfortunately there are lots of gay maldivians who pray like this and are suicidal because they believe in a God who is petty enough to worry about what they do their bedrooms. i truly wish that fact would have been an April's fool. oh well.. i guess i should lighten up.

Anonymous said...

This is make-belief fundamentalist death-threat, as you have been whining that you didn't get one after you spent one whole year planning this piece to fool all fundamentalists into making death-threats, or you finally coming out of the closet.

Fooled you into believing it was the death threat. Welcome to the club battyboy

mohamed said...

ooh thank u my good sir
u have made me very happy ^_^