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11 March 2009

Vatican says evolution & Creation in Genesis are "perfectly compatible"!!

Darwinian evolution and the account of Creation in Genesis are "perfectly compatible".

look at those idiotic Christians throwing away their faith just like that, Muslims r much smarter than that – they wouldn’t change their faith just like that!!

cause they r soo smart & noble

they know whts the difference between truth & fiction

(Sarcasm, look it up)


something for the Harun Yahya's fans

google video

keep in mind everything richard dawkins says is false! he is the devil himself!!

drawing by Siruhan
gotta hand it to the guy, he is a good artist
captures the religious mindset very well
almost scary seeing the extent of the delusions (in my opinion)


The Shadowrunner said...

Let me know when the fatwa hits home. I'll sell you some weapons.

Mohamed said...

lol thnx
good to know XD