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20 September 2008

The Disease

if u r easily offended i suggest u dont read it

It is a hereditary disease with potentially fatal conclusions
children are especially vulnerable to this disease by carriers & fully infected
it starts off as behavioral modification (sometime for the good) but over time it decays the unused mind & cripples it with delusions at the later stages of the disease

the disease is like a parasite which wants to prolong its non existent life even when it believes it will not survive

Fully infected
they try to infect everyone they come in contact with & harm those who r immune
curing a fully infected is fatal


- Shows alien behavior & hostility towards the uninfected
- Confusion over whts right & whts wrong – over different stages of infection
- Loose their origin
- Justify brutal killing
- Loose their rationality
- Have the potential to become homicidal maniacs


These people are a benign but the disease can pass over to their children
Normally has two separate belief systems one logical & the other is not so much
Curing an infected is dangerous
if cured they have to minimize contact with the infected & could be fatal if in contact of a fully infected

I don’t understand y people label their children with their religion
I thought god gave freedom of choice but She says (yea I call god She) the parents have to punish their children if they don’t pray regularly at age of 6
What kinda freedom of choice is that
If u r a fanatic it means “bow to God or die”
How is that different from Nazism?

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Strong indication that its hereditary.