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21 September 2008

Maldivian Atheists

its hard to let go of a lifelong brainwashing but some of them find there way of letting us know

check out the facebook profiles
people who dont specify their religion are people of of other faiths or most of the time agnostic or atheist (or at least leaning towards that side)
even if they them self dont admit it (well that is my theory)

well then again some people just dont have time to label themselves

So what do u think?

look at ur friends profiles they just might be atheists.. . .
hahah im just kidding im Sure they r perfect muslims who pray 5 times a day! XD


letoh said...

why do you want to research this subject.. one thing you have t believe is there aren't any MALDIVIANS who are atheists or disbelievers.. cuz according to the amended constitution only Muslims can be Maldivians.. btw i am a free thinker

andhu said...

technically alot of people i know are now longer maldivians... and i find nothing wrong with having no religion. religion or not maldivians still have unity issues. my face book profile would say inspiration under the religion... doesnt mean i believe in the entity god nor does it mean i dont

free thinkers said...

well if thats true the non maldivians out number the maldivian in maldives
well at least in male'

so u r saying my calculation is actually less the real no.
thnx good to know ^_^

free thinkers said...

oh n letoh
the reason im raising this subject is because some people need a little pressure to make up their minds

Anonymous said...

no constitution can change my DNA.. i'd still be a Maldivian..

Anonymous said...

Interesting Video on Hassan Saeed


Anonymous said...

Free thinkers or kaafarun?

hama kuda minivan kameh libuneema vareh eba hutteh noon meehun magufuradhdhan!

but u wont succeed. cos we r not stupid like you. you can go to hell and burn yourself.

are u sure u know how death is like or wot wud happen after? think about it.

free thinkers said...

wht freedom
i would be crucified if my friends or family found out

as for the "magufuradhdhun"
this is my thought & ive clearly stated its an atheist blog
im not forcing anyone to read this

& for the life after death part
i asked u guys to give me a reason to believe
so far i havent found one

hey if u r right i would be the one suffering
dont u feel any sympathy
r u that heartless

Anonymous said...

what the fuck dude? CRUCIFIED? hahahaha you really must be thinking this as a fashion? oh please bitch, you sound like a faggot seeking attention!! ya Allah, this idiot cannot be saved, but save our unity from people like this!! may you BURN IN THE DEPTHS OF HELL OH "FREE THINKER"