please dont view this blog if u r not comfortable with me criticizing or insulting ur god/religion

22 September 2008

GOD as in ur point of view - The beginning

if i believed in god i think ill call god she but thats just me

ok so god made adam as Her plaything & eve as adams plaything
then the hi-ranking officer the devil (a jinn) was told to kneel before Her playthings
so the devil got pissed & got adam n eve banned from heaven

adam n eve was left at earth on probation then god hires devil the one who convince adam n eve to eat the forbidden fruit that got us kicked out of heaven, to run physiological experiment pushing our buttons & see which ones of us snaps
then torture them for all eternity in hell
& guess who is in charge of hell

id say the devil got the better end of that deal

(by ur views) he got to throw out us human out of haven, play with our minds at earth & gets to torture major part of the earths population
i think the devil migh be a better god than god herself

im a bit fuzzy on this part, what was that deal that god made with the devil
was god making bets with the devil??

talk about do as i say not as i do god

some people talk as if god was doing all of this FOR US id rather not exist than to play her twisted games


Hilath said...

Hello Free Thinker. That's just the tip of the iceberg I think. You can find a lot more "hama nujehey kanthah" in religions.

free thinkers said...

yea im thinkin of this as the first of many - insha'allah

Tardis said...

Hmmm. Interesting.

Most interesting tho is that the offspring of Adam and Eve had a lot of incest sex and we're the bastards of them. keke.

witty bitch said...

im so glad to know that there still ppl wants to think abt the man made religions.
so relieved to read few of ur articles.thanks

Anonymous said...

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