please dont view this blog if u r not comfortable with me criticizing or insulting ur god/religion

19 September 2008


First of all
this is NOT about bashing religion or spreading atheism
well theres some form of bashing even if its not intened

the reason i made this blog is out of curiosity
just wondering how many (if any) think like i do

how many of u dont blindly follow what uve been told

how many of u had the courage to question what u were raised up to believe


in maldives its always a one sided argument no respect for other peoples faiths
when studying teachers mocked darwin's theory of evolution- i dont care if its right or wrong, it is a valid theory
in a way the stupidity* of those people helped me open my eyes
*(hey u people think im stupid)

the thing that i want to know is how many of u r freethinkers
meaning open minded, gave up or dont believe- religion
all religious people!! please convince me y i should believe in a god
cause i have yet to find a reason


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