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19 September 2008

y do u believe in GOD?

it has always confused me, how some people can believe in god/religion without a shadow of doubt.

what was it out of fear of hell
was it that u saw the world was so perfect u choose to believe in something so illogical
or was it that it was easier to blindly follow what u were forced to believe

if i ever believed in a religion it was because i was forced into it
but i dont deny the fact that there is a "possibility" of a god (not the rules u lot believe in)

so enlighten me oh holy ones, why do u believe in what u believe?


Baphomet said...

You have not posed any content. No logical argument for supporting or speaking against of what you believe.
Pose a logical, relevant reason why you do or not. Your statement in the content is no different to a person blindly following a religion; as in: considering as a non-believer, you pose your statement without any supportive arguments.

Athena said...

Thats easy enough to answer. I believe in what I belive, simply because i want to. We as human beings cannot be forced into believng something. Brainwashed - yes. forced - No.

Plus - I am thinker, therefore, my thoughts have led me to believe that we are not alone in this universe, and there is an order to things. And thus, a superior being...

So what about you? its only normal etiquette to pose a question AFTER you explain your side of it....?

dhondhooni said...

i agree with athena on this one. i just find it hard to believe that all that in this universe just happened to create themselves up. and people who think that nature is the god, then they are just a bunch of senseless people.

Hilath said...
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Anonymous said...

Behold!! Hilath is a prophet!!! He knows everything.

We are stupid. Hilath is intelligent.

The stupid guy who posted this must be awarded the dumb post award.

End of story.

Maldivian Devil said...

why should anyone fear hell? It's the best place to be..trust me, I should know :-)

free thinkers said...


the reason for that is i have no reason to believe in god
& im not arguing i just wanted to know ur reasons


my answer is simple too
i dont believe in god because i dont want to believe in god
& in islam if u want to believe in god it comes with a lot of mumbojumbo which i think is rubbish there fore i dont believe in religion(ill go into it in my future posts)

its ok if u dont answer but y do u want to believe in god?


u believe god spat us out of thin air, judges us on how we behave, keep score sheet, make wages with the devil & thats easy to believe


didnt read all that but seemed like u were talking about richard darkwin & i do agree with most of what me says

Athena said...

Hilath - Sorry dude I didn't read all of it. But did have a few questions

when you talk about the "right" way to think, whose perception of "right" are we talking about?
And I am amazed that you even go to "explain" the right way! what give you or anybody else the right to spell the right way for the rest of us?

And many people talk about or Know God as different things, some people call it science, energy, nature - God. are they wrong? some peopole call, stars and the moons god? are they wrong. And some people call their own ancestors God. Are they wrong?? My point is that, God is a notion, a notion that human beings believe in, regardless of their education on intellectual ability.
And why is it so wrong to believe in a such a notion? and why does it have to make sense? or make sense to you? if it make sense to the people who believe in it, isn't that what matters? after all, everyone doens't believe in one god or the same god. Or even a god. Its just a higher being or a force they need. Anyway I could go on and on, but I don't want to write a post on Free thinkers :) comment section

PS: funny that you assume, my thinking stops at who made GOD!

Free thinker : I already said, that I believe because I want to believe.
And yep I do happen to believe in Islam, but I made the choice not to take on the baggage (like Hadiths ..). For me religion is personal, so it might not be the Islam you believe it to be, or what people follow. But its my own, I chose to take the good and act on it, and leave the killing and mutiny out.

After all doesn't Quran say, Human beings were given a choice?

Plus, atheist and believers (in a GOD) shoudn't fight. Or be defensive about it. Its just a way of life, accept it and move on ...

free thinkers said...

hehe i like the way u think :D
its about the same conclusion i came to but i chose not to believe
thanks for the comments ^_^

fali said...

i have to admit i am a muslim because i was born a muslim, since apparently Maldives is 100% muslim country ;) later i started questioning a lot of stuff, that got me into a lot of trouble with teachers. I also couldnt believe a lot of muslim history that depicted muslims as the epitome of goodness and christians and jews as always bad. And there was no way for me to get any information that was not so obviously biased

After I left abroad for studies thankfully I got the opportunity to meet and talk with people of other faiths, and more importantly i was able to read about other religions and more objective narrations of history, and also writings of muslims about islam that didnt have stories of hell fire and damnation, and those fairy tale stories (aka miracles) in it. I read about islamic ideology and the simple messages that it brings, and the more i read the more i came back to islam as a faith.

Of course the most common criticism levelled against liberal muslims is that we take on board some of the things and reject the others. Similarly for eg. i reject the punishment for adultery because in the modern context its barbaric and I do not believe its relevant to the times. I am guilty of this criticism but I do not apologise to it because I believe that no religion can be stagnant, it has to move with the times. Which is why there is the ijmau concept in islam, which is unfortunately mostly taken over by religious conservatives that try to take islam back to the dark ages....